Know Somebody Who Could Use 100 SP Delegation!!?

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A Sad Week for MinnowFund

This week we had 7 people submit applications for @minnowfund delegation and all 7 failed to meet our requirements to enter the voting round. Two had less than 15 posts in the last week, 3 had too much SP (two were actually delegating SP to others!), on one account we found plagiarism, and the other account literally gave us Yes and No answers where we expect long-form responses.

So let's please take a minute to review the requirements and why they're in place...


As we've stated before, our requirements are in place to ensure that we are ONLY delegating SP to serious content creators who take their time to create valuable posts that the community enjoys. We also make sure that we're providing it to those who need it most, and avoid supporting spam, plagiarism, or fraud. In other words, we take this seriously because we feel that our mission is very important and can help people build their accounts for long-term success on the Steem blockchain.

Help Us Pick a Winner of 100 SP Delegation!

We could just cancel this week's voting and delegation... but that's no fun. And we can't help anybody that way. So instead we'll do something a little different. You can still help us pick a candidate to give our delegation to this week!

Is there somebody you follow on Steemit who you think would make a great candidate for our delegation? Make sure they have at least 50 followers, their account is no less than 4 weeks old, they have a maximum of 300 SP (this requirement will be increased moving forward), and that they post regularly (min 15 posts in the last 4 weeks). Also be sure that this person regularly engages with others on Steemit and is somebody you feel would really appreciate and put this extra Steem Power to good use.

Tag them in a comment below, and tell us why you think they deserve to get our delegation. This week we'll choose one person who was nominated by the community and give them our 100 SP delegation for a total of 45 days. This should help others see exactly the type of content creators we're hoping to support with the @minnowfund initiative.

We'll choose the winner this Saturday!! :)


I think I'll select @amikable. She's one load of an active steemian. Very enthusiastic with the platform. Her growth has been phenomenal.

I will really love her to get this delegation. Because it will boost her steemit experience and also increase her engagement because she'll feel more confident with curation and engagement in the community. @amikable has my mention.

Followed her!

That's cool.. You won't be disappointed

This was a huge inspiration for the contest I am running myself...I think people may not truly appreciate the opportunity that MinnowFund is putting out there...

100 Steem Power might be the exact boost you have been waiting for :) . Get out there and apply today!!!

I saw that! And you might be right. We're glad to have as many applications as we do but we really wish people would take more careful notice of the requirements for entering. I know that by the end of this week we'll have a great content creator to provide our delegation to. This could even lead to a whole new process for choosing candidates. :)

Looking forward to it!!

@kweenbrand, she is an amazing steemian and she puts her heart into what she does, I believe she deserves it.

You are an amazing person @audreybits.

100 sp was delegated to my account today by @minnowfund. I was wondering how and why. So I checked and I observed you nominated me for their weekly Sp delegation. Thank you so much for finding me worthy of this delegation. I am grateful!

You're welcome! I am glad Brandon found you worthy of it too.

Hmm, i just found out about this and i'd like to enter the contest myself. So, yeah i feel somehow bad in 2 ways. First of course because i want to apply for myself and even more because i just saw your post 5 Minutes ago...
I think i fit every requirement, i post daily (dlive streams) i highly interact with my viewers and im tryin to help others as much as i can.

But im not quite sure about the SP max. in the top half you say its a 150 max and further below you say 300.
If im disqualified by the SP max, its fine, i invested because i believe in the system :)

I would suggest @amikable but the account in not more than 4 weeks old . But you could select second position from last week as well because they have to wait a month to enter the contest again since no one met the criteria this week.

Also A really awesome Steemian is @mow

He does daily nature posts

I have just invited 3 new friends to steemit
and @legitguy

also @worthy but he is doing fine already.

I would use a 100SP delegations to help them a little bit

and then I would everyday upvote AT LEAST 3 posts that I like in the "New section"

I'm suggesting myself, I have used the service before and I never once abuse it and I'm qualify to receive the delegation. I hope I could be selected. @adeyemidrey

I want to suggest you pick @amikable for the 100sp... She's been really hardworking and I think she deserves it... Please check out her blog!

I am not sure if I can vote for myself. I feel I am qualify to receive the delegation. You can check it from your end. @nids209

Too bad i failed to send in an application for this one. I will really use that 100SP delegation but if you are looking for somebody then @commander.ubas will be my pick.

that would be great sir @hermannsol thanks for recommending me :)

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this is HUGE opportunity for so many people!!! maybe my friend @seha76 will apply. :) re steemed!!!! thank you for this brandon!!! please keep it coming!

I suggest @amikable,she is a very enthusiastic blogger and i think she deserves this opportunity.

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