Tips & Tricks for being successful on Steemit!

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When beginning on Steemit you may ponder. Instructions to get effective on this stage. Beneath I will give you tips and traps on what I've perused and experienced so far :)

Curation Rewards

Vote on posts that you believe are turning into a web sensation! Read a post painstakingly. Is it quality substance that you (and others) like? Like it immediately! The sooner you vote, the better it is!

'Short of what was expected' Don't vote on well known substance any longer. It's as of now well known and your vote isn't that valuable any longer. You can in any case do it on the off chance that you like the post however, yet it won't enable you much to further. ;)

Don't downvote. It will decrease your Voting Power. Rather don't vote yet give some criticism. It may help in the longrun!

Creator Posts

Include a few pictures, individuals adore them and it will make it more coherent.

1.1 obviously a few pictures that are identified with your post :)

Take as much time as necessary written work your substance. Try not to surge, and spell your words accurately! Compose quality substance and not quantitative substance. I've committed that error earlier and it won't benefit you in any way.

Pick the right labels that are ideal for your blog entry! The primary tag will be your fundamental tag. image


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