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RE: How to see your future curation rewards - and how see how profitable your vote was. - Was it worth voting?

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Hello, friend @swissclive!

You did a perfect analysis and you gave a concrete explanation about how curation works.
My reasoning was just like you guess.. I have chosen to vote after exactly 16 minutes to be an early voter to anticipate whales vote.

I'm using STEEMAUTO to follow good authors to auto upvote their posts and maximise curation rewards.
Just two days ago i wrote a POST about my fanbase.
I would like to support at least 60 users.


I am glad you can make money on my posts by auto-voting before any whale steps in. Some people watch the bid bots and leap in before they vote. Everyone has their way.

I am giving a big vote, because I used your name as my example.

And I'm glad to support you with my vote, because I really like the tooltips you give to newcomers and minnows. Thanks for the big vote ;-)

@miti, Looks like you also had a profitable vote on this blog by voting after 21 minutes.

You voted $0.30, and might earn $0.57.


Yes, since when you authored this post I was online, I preferred to vote manually to maximise curation rewards.
Not sure if you know, but Asher (@abh12345) weekly hosts a tournament called "The Curation and Engagement Leagues" based on curation rewards.

Mine should look ok here too 😁

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