guys how you do a profile picture for steemit please

Beautiful @modemser

i cannot change the profile pictures can someone help me ?

i also need help

can we get help this is not a joke
i'm old here but i cannot do this :(

heyyy :)

Look at my last post on my blog :)
I think i explained it very simply :)

Awesome friend @modemser

you are a good friend :D
always on point find out how i change profile picture i keep copy paste link's upload pictures and dosen't work .

You just insert image dragging & dropping my dear friend. Hope your image upload your profile @modemser

it opens another page with that image :( and dosen't work i'm on mac mini

You got it dear @modemser
Now i see your profile picture.

finaly :) i'm noob :D i admit that

If you like jokes then visit my post dear!

i cannot see my profile picture can you ?

I can't see your profile pic right now.

put a picture to yur profile and tell me how you did and i will see if it did work .

Friend you just search google "How i add my profile picture in steemit".

i am follow back upvote back coment back and


Nice one Man .

Deadly some might say

nice picture