Moonbot - An Exclusive Upvote Bot, Subscription Service

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We are eager to announce an exclusive Subscription Based Upvote Service. In collaboration with @steemitqa, @businesswri, and @businessres, we are excited to announce @moonbot ONLY 200 seats available on this ride so get yours today!


What is @moonbot?

Moonbot is an upvote bot, subscription service. Send 4.0 SBD to @moonbot to subscribe for 30 days and your account will be added to the voting list

Moonbot provides the following benefits to all subscribers:

  • Unlimited Upvotes from Moonbot (Until subscription runs out)
  • moonbot Curation Trail
  • Random ReSteems from @businessres

Future benefits:

Can I delegate SP to @moonbot?

First person to delegate 5K SP will get 100 % voting weight from @moonbot. After that, the minimum to delegate is 10K SP. Delegators will get unlimited upvotes from @moonbot at 100 % voting weight until delegation stops

How to get started with @moonbot:

Send 4.0 SBD to @moonbot to subscribe for 30 days. Orders will be processed within 48 hours and your account will be added to the voting list. We are selling a maximum of 200 subscriptions (seats) for each month

We reserve the right to refill oxygen tanks while on the moon which means temporarily pause upvotes for recharging / refilling purposes.

We reserve the right to change voting power percentages for subscribers to onboard new Astronauts

A special thanks to our partner @businessres for offering resteeming services


Join us on the MoonBot discord


Can we pay on behalf of another account? If so, how do we do that?

Can we pay on behalf of another account? If so, how do we do that?

Hello @ipfaust of course you can! you just let us know who it is ( steemit ID ) of who want the subscription to go against. Thanks for the response and To The Moon!

What percentage do you UV at and how often?

Hi @davidickeyyall 10 % is the current upvote power and the # of upvotes varies on the # of people we have subscribed. Good question. We'll have to add that to post.

So roughly .05? On every post or just once every 24 hours?

It can be in intervals of every 2-4 hours. Steem price could go up too obviously.

Why am I not surprised that these awesome people would be behind the moooooooooooonbot?

Congrats on launching your service :)

Is it fully automated, or do you manage it manually?

Why am I not surprised that these awesome people would be behind the moooooooooooonbot?

The Moon Mod starting a Moon Mod ? Ofc! lol :) Thanks for the support. At the moment it's fully automated and runs it's self , unless we do % adjustments. We have a few new announcements coming up here. Thanks for the support!

Thank you for the support. It's mostly automated though it's in the process of becoming fully automated. Come join us in the Moonbot discord chat

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great , i will check it out

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Looking forward to the MoonBot being the go-to service for upvote/RS services :)

Interesting service will try it out and if it is good will recommend to my steemian friends. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @ankarlie you are the best!

OMG this is going to be epic!!! big things planned...catch ya fellas in SteemSpeak :)

Thanks Roguey! :)

How will we know the remaining amount of seats available?

Hi @xtrodinarypilot via post updates and a future website we are creating. Good question!
We are currently at 198.

How do we know subscription have ended or New round is starting?
I'm joining the channel for more info

Just to let you know we got a new form so you'll be notified when your sub is up.

Hi @moonbot what is the voting percentage for each person? Is it based on their credibility score?

Rep. score doesn't matter at this point.