Welcome aboard! Happy to have you with us! Let us know how we are doing so far and get ready for Shadow Chat expected to launch around December 1st! A real time, verified and encrypted chat based on the Steemit blockchain and whitepaper specs!

wooww :) have any DiscordChannel for now :D i cant wait ShadowChat :P

We do not use any form of communication outside of steemit for official correspondences with our members. This is how we ensure NO ONE can spoof us or another user. Steemit's FAQ says that MEMO key is un used ;) not after Shadow Chat launches!

"Memo key - Currently the memo key is not used."
Steemit FAQ:

"The memo key is used to create and read memos" -> Wallet -> Permissions:

Last I remember a memo is a message ;) which is used for chat ;)

ok. dude . realy look like fantastic step for chat :P waiting and now I'm inside !rspct

We will open up the beta hopefully this weekend we are currently alpha testing among the core team getting the last few issues out! We should be ready for a full public launch by December 1st! Our goal with Shadow Chat is verifiable and ability to have encrypted chat. You can prove who said what when where and why just by a key! WHY is this not already implemented on the "official steemit chat"? We have no idea! But that is why we are creating it! The whitepaper very clearly outlines the memo key is used for signing memos which are another word for messages. Chat can therefor be thought of as a bunch of memos trading back/forth on the blockchain. ALL signed and some encrypted. We will release later this week a full detailed explanation for Shadow Chat.

if you tell me before i can be joined your team but it's too late :D i think good luck bro. if you need any support one person seat free i m here

We are a group of steemians who contribute our time and/or money to this project. That is how we offer it free of charge! We will notify everyone for the beta testing if you would like to be included let us know!

Yeah for sure i want to join .

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