Destiny will tell

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"If you're meant to each other. No matter what happens you will be together."

Those words who made me stronger to fight my broken heart. I cried. I sobbed. I wanted to shout to release the pain inside. No matter how hard I did those things. Still, my heart kept on feeling the pain. Then one time my girlfriend told me those words. She explained to me there's nothing we could do. Only time will tell if we were meant to each other. No matter what kind of actions we would make. The words we spoke. No one knows if the two of us were really meant to each other.

I felt like I was being slapped. I woke up from the depth of my doubtful thoughts. I realised what she said was correct. I couldn't imagine how naive I was to forget how much time influences us. I couldn't agree more after thinking about it over and over again. I even told myself that it's true. When I felt like suffocating from the pain in my chest. Desperate to heal that pain right away. I finally found the answer on how to understand the situation. Yes, it's painful but it will be more if I keep on struggling with it.

Some relationships were perfect. They almost achieve what they're dreaming to be together. The wedding was set. The reception was set. Everything was all set. The only lacking was the day for them to get married. One unlucky all it faded like it didn't exist anymore. It's like dust that blinded them once and left without a trace. Indeed, destiny will be the one to decide who will be with you forever. No one can fight it. No one can break it. It will be if it will be. It's killing you but if you will not accept it.


Even married couples separated. Despite the papers and children. They still decided to end their relationships. It's unfair for the children because they didn't do anything. Yet, they experienced how it felt to have a broken family. Imagine, it feels like they're unbreakable. They're on the road to the family goal. It's hard to accept but if destiny will tell. Nothing can fix it. Although, the pain will fade away. It's just that the memories will be hard to forget. The regrets will keep on haunting you forever. Life is unfair sometimes you know. I laughed but tears fell.

How tough it will be for sure. But it won't change anything. What flows will flow according to the time. Instead of opposing the flow. The best thing to do is ride on it. Flow along with it. There will be a pain but at least it will be lessened. What can you do, it's being decided already. That's why just let it go. Let it feel how much it hurts. After it, you will finally understand. It will happen because something different will happen. Have faith that it will be alright. Trust the destiny to guide you. You will see a happy face in the future.

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