Hod does All Souls Day related to Halloween celebration?

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From the word "soul" of course, you will have an idea what's that day talks about. The majority of religion in the Philippines is Catholic. If you can see in our calendar it was being placed that November 2 is a holiday. That's the day where we will visit our loved ones who rest in peace. We will clean the graveyards, place flowers and there's a mass happens in the cemetery. It became part of our tradition that it's we will be having a small festive. We will be cooking delicious food to eat in our house and then will put in the grave.

There's no work or office in the public sector and private sectors are will open but only half-day. We give so much respects to those people who left us and maybe that's the reason. I didn't do a research and it's all about my experienced in telling you about what this day means to us. I don't really know the reasons behind all this but to be precise it's about giving time to the dead.

One more time we will mourn for their death and have some conversation with them. Maybe it's absurd for others but this is how we value our ancestors even though they didn't exist anymore. Of course, it's obvious that we missed them but not hoping to let them back. For me personally, I think they're in good hands so there's no need for them to back since their time in this world was ended.


How does Halloween party relate about this?

I don't actually sure about this. It's just in my own understanding, Halloween happened was adopted from other countries. Since Halloween is the day of mythical creatures including ghosts and any other inhuman. Maybe that's the reason that Halloween party became part of our tradition during November 2, the same day of All Souls Day.

Even in the news, we can watch reports and stories about creepy happenings before. Most of the reporters will be showing about fearful experienced by other people that's was unbelievable. Halloween is a party maybe but this day as well we will be looking or hearing something scary. The trick didn't happen in provinces before but because we are in new generations. Some people are doing that for now. I don't know the meaning behind of that but all I know that we are happy at Halloween party because we will have a disco that night.

That's how Halloween party related to All Souls Day.

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