How to rob a strong woman's heart (3)

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It's almost a year that has passed since the woman left. She left with a note that doesn't want me to forget. Damn her, she's so unfair. Left like that while I'm still here staying in our place. Waiting for her to come back.

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I'm singing again in that beer garden. I always sing there when it's Friday night. I'm a freeloader you know, I finished college but I don't want go away from home. I always go to the sea and do different types of fishing. But I made sure I won't be ugly, that's why I did fishing during night only.

I'm so surprised when I saw her sitting on the chair. I'm thinking to go over her table but she pinpointed me by his finger. I think she wants to say is continue on singing. I continue on singing while looking at her. "Damn, she's not looking at me." Said to my mind and continue on singing.

The time that she's drinking last for long. I decided to stop and go over with her. Someone wanted to approach her because she's drunk. I immediately sits in her table and said to those guys. " Sorry it's my girlfriend." Actually they knew that she's not my girlfriend. That guys live in our place as well. So basically, they knew but they just let me. Maybe they pitied me so they gave way for me to be there.


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Maybe she heard me when I said about she's my girlfriend. She look's at me and I look in a different way because I feel ashamed. She just smile at me. "" Damn... my heart is melting as she look's at me. Now, she's blinking. I'm going to curse this woman for playing my feelings."* Said to my mind while kindly talking to her.

If she just knew what I'm thinking. She will tell me that I'm a fool. My actions is different from what I'm thinking. She continue on smiling at me and calls me by her hand. I sit next to her and start talking with her. She give me a glass with liquor on it. It's an expensive liquor and it's a delicious liquor. I immediately said "Thank you" and attempting to drink it when suddenly she said. "A thousand." I stop myself and put the glass in the table and return it to her.

She's laughing and her voice is very strong. She is drunk already, while laughing she keep on hitting my back with her palm. It's hard to fake my emotions that I'm not hurting. She's a strong woman so her palm is so strong as well. Everytime she hits me I feel like my heart is going out and wanted to be with her as well. Actually that's not true at all. I moves every time she hits me because it is very strong.

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She said she wants to sleep in our house. I didn't ask her why she's drinking. She didn't tell me so I guess there's no reason for me to ask her. The night ended so fast, we go into the shore for a walk. I want to show her something while we are there.

I was practicing karate by myself. I want to show to her that I'm not weak anymore. "Hey, Aish." Oh sorry I forgot to tell you that while she was sleeping last night I accidentally saw her I. D. I finally know her real name, she came from a rich family. A very well known family in the city who owns big companies.

When I called her by her name. I covered my mouth and look back. "Hey.. how did you know my name?" I act like I didn't hear anything. I keep on punching and kicking while saying. "Yah.. yah.." She tip my foot and suddenly I'm falling. I wanted to say "Catch me because I'm falling while looking at her." But when I looked at her she look's really mad and because of that I fell for an instant.

I bow my head while on the ground and said. **"Sorry, I just accidentally saw your I.D. while I was placing you in the bed. It fell down from the pocket in your dress and that's why I saw it. "I know that you're stupid so I just want to make sure." She said and I replied her right away. "Ouch, it hurts."

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Suddenly she sits in the sand and shows a serious face. She start talking with a serious voice. "Don't laugh or I will kill you." She look's at me and I cover my mouth and nodding my head side by side.

"Carl. you know what---" She stopped talking because I said. "Wait, how did you know my name?" She pinch my ear and said. "I said don't joke around. Who doesn't know your being dumb in your place?" I became silent and for the last time. "OUCH.. you're so straightforward."

"Carl,I want to stay in your place for now. I don't feel like going home now. My parents are so annoying, they wanted me to get married now." After she said that, her tears start falling. She nod her head so I can't see her crying.

After I heard what she said I replied her with "Yes." I wasn't that happy because I know she's lying. I talked to her parents last night through her phone. Her Dad told me to stay with her for now because her daughter is in so much pain. The guy she loves the most was being married by someone else. The guy who came her once didn't help her to move on.

I pity her after what her Dad said to me. I don't know if I should be sad for her or in myself. She loves someone very much while I love her very much. I didn't control my emotions and I thought I said it to myself. "Why not me, why it should be him?"

Suddenly she rises her head and look at me with a frowning face. I stand up and said, "Why it's not me who is better." Damn I said it again with the same meaning. She laughs so hard, holding her stomach and said. "You really are the best, you are the most stupid of all."

I walk towards the sea and I made her wet from the sea water. She look's mad of what I did. She run towards me and jump over my back. I fell down and she choke me. She's laughing while I'm hurting and I said to myself.

"I look forward for hurting my physically and mentally in the future."

to be continued...

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