One sunny day in the land

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I posted a while ago about this land taking care of my brother. He planted corn here and I helped with a few people. It was planted from the last week of December. It's growing but not all plants do. He thought of not adding fertiliser to have a good grow. He doesn't like fertiliser since it will destroy the nutritious soil. I agree with him but at the same time disagree. Of course, the bearing of fruits will not be as good. What if the time and money we spent will not be paid with a good harvest. I'm just being practical here and wanted to earn more money from it.


It's more than a month now but the plants are not tall. I'm not good at this type of plant. I'm new to this so for the meantime I'm just observing how it grows. Thrice a week we slowly removed grasses that surround the plants. We wanted to make it clean so the plants can grow very well. I'm not a hardworking person or something. When I visited his land many reasons were on my mind. To enjoy the view from the mountain. To exhale the fresh air from nature. To love staying in a place like this. There were a lot but these are just some of it.


I rested more rather than doing some work on the land. I walked around the field and just looked around. After sweating so much from removing grasses. I climbed on a tree just to feel more fresh air. I loved it when the strong wind blew the surroundings. Like when the trees were moving and creating a sound. I could feel my hair moving as I felt the wind tightly to my skin. I thought this was a paradise. A place where I could release everything and at the same time took something from it. Sometimes I spent more sightseeing in the place. I forgot the things I need to do being in this land with plants to take good care. Silly but you know it's unavoidable to feel that way. lol


After working on the land and decided to go home. I never forget to bring firewood when I'm going home. It's a bit hard especially when there's rain. The clay land will be slippery and the pathway was inclined. That's why I only brought small numbers of woods. It's hard to control the walking when it's slippery. Of course, it's heavy but I must bring firewood. I love to cook from firewood compared to gas. I may not work too much on the land. I brought firewood to help ourselves not to buy gas and firewood at home. Simple things can be much.

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