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My father loves children very much. I'm thankful that everything important in my mind is I can recall. One of it when my mother scolded because I was late in going home. I was seven years old back then and as a child I really love to play.

My mother was so mad because she told me to be home before afternoon. I need to fetch water since we didn't have our own faucet back then. I intentionally didn't go home that expected hour because it's far to fetch water. I felt lazy going to that faucet and I wanted to play more.

My mother was really mad because she couldn't find water to cook rice. I was being hit in my both legs with a piece of wood. I kept on crying while she was saying. "You really are lazy." She continued on hitting me while grinning her teeth. I didn't run and accepted the wrath of my mother because I was wrong.

When my father arrived from the sea because he was a fisherman and also a farmer. He immediately put his fishing paraphernalia before entering our house and protected me.

In hour house, mother was the boss. But when my mother hurts us her children Father will stood up to us. He will fight mother if it's too much in hurting us.

Mother then stopped hitting me with that piece of wood. I was shaking because of it pain I felt while crying. Then my father brought the gallons to fetch water and I came along with him. He bought me a candy from store so that I will stop in crying.


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I was the youngest of 11 siblings. When I was 10 years old my father was already at his 50's. He wanted me to come along if I didn't have class. He also brought me fishing when it's just near from the shore. I didn't complain because I enjoy being with him and going to the mountain or to the sea

My father will just yell when he's mad at me or us. But he never hit us or hurt us physically. I knew she was mad because I could see him changes it'skin color. I heard them talking with my mother that he has high blood pressure.

I never cried but I stayed silent because I was sulking. Maybe he noticed it because he lowered his voice and talk to me. When he did that, that's the time I started crying. I was silly when I was a child.


unsplash by Priscilla Du Preez

You could tell that I loved my father so much when I was a child. However when I was in high school, the teen age days. I began to feel ashamed that "Pablo" was my father. I didn't know what was my reason if I recall it now. I just thought he was different from the father of my classmates. He was old and maybe because of his appearance as a poor person compared to others.

Yes, I avoided my father to come in school every time there were parents meeting. I chose mother to be there but my mother dislikes these things. In the end father will always be there in every occasion that there will be parents needed.

I became worst teenager as time went by. I started to talk back with my father because he couldn't provide the things I wanted. I kept on talking back to my father when he was mad at me and it ended up that he was the one stopped talking. Maybe he was ashamed for not being able to provide when I asked him for something.

I felt guilty when my mother told me. "Don't talk too much like that to your father because he cried silently when it's only the two of us." I didn't know but my chest felt so tight after my mother told me about it. I was a bad person after all, I prevented myself for doing it again after that.


unsplash by Arifur Rahman

I studied college far from home after graduated in high school. I went home twice a month because it's too far. The fare was expensive and I could only stayed in our home for 1 day every weekend. Every time I was home I could tell that father was getting older.

He was at his 70's that time when I was on my second year in college. Every time I went back to school I brought half sack of rice to save money in buying food. It made my heart melt thinking how my father loves me very much. I was a big man that time and I can carry that amount of rice but he still insisted that he should be the one to carry it. "Just let me carry that rice." I said that to him as I was thinking how old he was. He just smiled at me and said. "Don't underestimate me."

We continued on walking where I'll wait for a bus in going to school. Because of it my father made me sad leaving him like that. I felt lonely as I was thinking about him. While I was reading on a bus in going to school I kept on thinking what my mother told me.

"We will be bringing him to hospital one of these days because he was weak. Sometimes he started forgetting who we are in him."

Two months has passed I couldn't go home because we had an examination and tactical in our NRTOC. Like a reserve military in school. After of it I went home because my sister sent me a message. "Come home immediately because you might not see father still breathe."

They didn't tell me that father was staying in the hospital for almost a month there already, He was having dialysis every week because it's hard for him to take a pee.

From the moment I went down to a buss because it's the land where our house located. I ran fast as I could to be home soon. But I was mad, so mad from my sited because father was gone already before I arrived home. He was silently sleeping when I arrived home. My beloved father whom I treated in different way was now gone.

I cried, I sobbed and I lied down while crying. I knew there was no way for him to be back to us. All I could was crying and regretting of what I did to her back then I was planning to repay what I did wrong if I just didn't school far from home. But it's too late now because he was now left me before I could do those things.


He was not my friend but he protected me.
He didn't have powers but he acted like he was a hero.
He was no clown but he made e happy.
He was strong but he cried if we didn't listen to him.
He was my loving father.

thank you for reading

d' dreamboy,

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