Sugbu-Chinese Heritage Museum

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I'm not sure who came first in the Philippines, Spaniards or Chinese. According to the books when I was in elementary. Chinese has been here a long time ago. Chinese people were being known in the Philippines as doing "barter" or trader. Chinese brought items here in the Philippines riding on a big ship. They brought plates, glass and any types of materials in the Philippines. That time money was not being introduced yet. Instead of selling the products of Chinese. The Filipino people in the Philippines traded it with anything.

Like golds, pearl, fruits, vegetables and anything the Filipino people to trade. Because of it, we could say that Chinese people started living here in the Philippines. You will be surprised that these days Chineses are richer compared to Filipinos. They own a bigger establishment, lands, commercial buildings and houses. They live quite an abundance in living here in the Philippines. And this museum was once owned by Chinese.

I asked the security guard who is in charge of watching this museum. He told me that before this museum was once a commercial building owned by a Chinese. This building was built 100 more years. According to him, as of now the colon st. in Cebu City is the centre of the civilisation. But before this place right here was the centre of the civilisation in whole Cebu Province. It became the centre because the port was near this place.

Before it became a museum, this building was being abandoned already. The building has damages from every part of it. Too many defective parts of the wall. When the Chinese gave it to the government. They renovated it and made it a Sugbu-Chinese Museum. By the way, Sugbu is a Visayan word from "Cebu." If you will read the history. The place where the Chinese lived can be found in Binondo Manila Philippines and Parian Cebu Philippines.

After the mass ended, I went outside and started walking to share images in my everyday post. It's perfect when I saw this building. I had no idea that it was a museum until I asked the security guard who was in duty. I noticed the pretty architectural of it, so I became interested in capture it. I was not planning to learn the details and just taking images but I was thinking that maybe I must know this building.

It's architectural was different compared to another establishment. That was the time I became interested in its history. It's perfect that I had someone to ask. But this was not the building I saw with pretty designs.

I glanced at another old building but already being abandoned and being left damaged. Again, this was owned by Chinese people but it was given to the government and the port takes charge of it. It was a hotel long ago, it's perfect when passengers were going down in the ships. They went directly into this hotel when it was not like this before. I have no idea what's their plan about this but someone said it will be renovated soon.

I may not have shown you a lot of interesting images but I shared to you with some history. By the wat, the museum has an entrance of 75 pesos or 1 point something in USD. You can see a lot of old Chinese materials here. The security guard there was porcelain and many more. Sorry, but I didn't have the chance to go inside because of COVID. The operation in this museum is being on hold for now. There are many old museums here in Cebu City and I was wondering to visit and will show it to you. I have no enough budget to do that but depends if I could earn more from this. I'll be happy to let you see it and with some history again.

Again, thank you for visiting and reading it.

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