The place I wish to see

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The loneliness of every place in each country is so obvious. There are even places the sound of the wind is only making noise. Although on the other hand, it's nice to live in a quiet place. There's no threat from peace. Crowded places can't be found. We can move freely I know. It's just that it doesn't seem right.

The socialising that we need to build a bond. It's essential to living a happy life. Like there's someone you can talk to. Someone you can help and can help you. Both of the reasons are important to living a life. But because of the pandemic, most of our happiness is being killed slowly. We are tired of living we are not used to. Something we can't explain that something is lacking. Just like we want to do what we want to do.


If I may ask what kind of City I wish to see. Maybe a brilliant smiling face of the people. I want to live where people don't need to worry about something. The children can play as much as they want. They will never care about a threat or that can make them hurt. I know it's a bit hard living in a perfect world. Bad things will always happen to identify good things. Even so, it's nice to experience it without hurting themselves. That way they can overcome it while living in this world.

I've been to a place where happiness is not an option. A place where freedom is not being threatened. Friends can be found everywhere. Then all of a sudden when the pandemic hits us hard. All of it was taken like it was just a dream. I don't want to think that way or to imagine my future life living with fear. I wish to see where the people will be the one to make everywhere sparkling like a star. I'm imagining that kind of life like a Christmas season. Surroundings are full of colours. Happy faces are what the people are showing.


It's not impossible since it already happened. All we need to do is to make this possible. By cooperation with one another. Helping one another to make this world a better world. No hate but only love. No greed but generosity. Bullying but protecting one another. Together we can make this from happening as long as we are determined. For sure it will since in this world there will always be an ending. It may not happen right away but I know soon. Let's endure for now and have faith. Someday our place or our world will be shining like it was before.

Thank you for reading

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