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Understanding on what kind of content you need to write is important. We are writing sometimes not just because we want ourselves to satisfy. Although we have that kind of thinking sometimes but most of the time we are writing to have audiences in our content. Someone that will praise us, appreciate us and most important is to understand what we wanted to say to them.

I'm not a professional blogger or a writer. Like you I'm just an amateur who still want to learn many things here. My tips for today will be those things I noticed as a curator or as an audience in someone's content. My words will be going to use are those words that will be easy to understand. You won't get bored of reading because it won't be that long.


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Using images in your content are important. Like in a cover photo this will make other curators or audience will be caught their attention. We're watching movies because we want to see something beautiful and wonderful. If your content will be nothing but words. Curators or audiences will not be interested in clicking your content.

The images also will give an idea to the readers that they must read it. The images will resemble what kind of content you're writing. The images will help the readers to pause a bit in reading. If you'll see the words are unending, for sure you will feel tired of looking on it.


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Digesting content is essential to the readers. This will make them not to be bored in reading your content. This will also make them love your content because they will easily understand what you wanted to tell them through your content. Just like eating a food, you can tell right away that it's delicious. By looking at it or by just smelling at it.

Now in writing a content it will be different in digesting for sure. We cannot eat the words of course,just kidding. lol
Your content should be written through a paragraph. Not a long a paragraph just like what I'm doing now. It should be short so that the readers will pause and pause and then they will understand it easily.


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Using in title of your content is also important. You can catch the readers attention right away by having a nice title. Make sure to use a good title in your content so that the readers will curious of it. If they will be curious of it, then for sure they will be interested in reading it.

Title is like a whole package of a content. It just mean tat your content will be understood already by just reading the title of it. That's why in making a title you should think that the content you're making will be summarized from it.


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Every actions should be reviewed so that we can check if if it's really good. By reviewing we could tell right away that we're doing good about what we are doing. Just like writing a content by reviewing it you can check some grammars or sentences if it's the right one you need to use. It will also helps you to understand that what you're doing is really good.

Don't just review like just reading it like you didn't mean it. In reviewing it, it's like you were just writing from it. You need to read it like you're a reader from someone's content. Don't think that it's fine because it's your content. You should think that it's perfect for you so that the readers will love it.


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Just like a movie, you should put emotions in your content. Even though it's not like a drama in a tv shows. Always remember that we're not showing video but we're sharing writings. The emotions of you as a writer should be understood to the readers. If they will feel it, it means they understand what you're writing.

I include the emotions because it's part of me as an emotional person. If you will see some of my content, you will understand why I need the emotions to be included here. But I think it's not just me, you must have also because content will be no fun if it's just like an empty shell. There is story but there is emotions that it's hard to the readers to understand.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helps a little.

d' dreamboy,

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