Wild flowers

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My training continued in a different municipality. Usually, I took some walk after riding on a bus to save money. This time when I was in a different location for my training. I haven't been walking because I didn't know how to go there by walking. That's why I decided to ride a tricycle and just let the driver fetched me in that location. Although I love to wander since this new municipality was like a province. As a man who grew up from the province. I always searching for that feeling and now I had the chance to regain that feeling again. I decided to taste it and felt it so that it felt like home.

Today is the second day of my training. Somehow, I managed to learn the road in going back to the City. That's why I was walking even though it's already 12 noon under the heat of the sun. I was thinking to find something interesting since my previous didn't catch the likings of my readers.

As you can see this municipality was near the City but I saw a lot of places there the same as our province. Like the environment, the set up of houses and the atmosphere of the people. I didn't have the chance to be in their municipal hall which is beautiful according to the people there. It's already 12 and no one was allowed to be there because the employees left already. I decided to capture flowers that were found besides in the road. I'm not sure if these flowers were wild since I just saw it in random places with grasses. Just like this image above and in this image to follow.

While I was walking I saw grasses everywhere besides the rough road. I went a bit far from the road or I think 300 meters from the road. Of course, I wanted to see pretty flowers. I need to spend effort in searching and choosing pretty flowers.

The other one,

The next one will be in the same family as this flower. Just the colour of it was different.

I walked for about 4 km because I wanted flowers to be my content in today's morning walk. I was tired and hungry because it's hard to find flowers beside the road. I explored in a certain place which was covered with tall grass just fo find like these flowers.

I'm really not sure if these flowers were not just grasses or something. All I know is that I found them not in the houses but in a place where no one took care of it. I experienced small scratches because this kind of flower has thorns from its branches and body. They didn't provide a good smell as well. Just the colour of it looks interesting.

I think I will just have short content for today because I'm exhausted. But I think the flowers or my photography, for now, is enough to make you feel amazing from it. I don't know their names but I do recognise their beauty.

Again thanks for reading.

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