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Random Game—Daily SBD Giveaway


It's time for @msg768's daily SBD giveaway. Anyone who upvotes this post will have a chance to win. The prize pool depends on the amount of rewards this post will make. Each winner will get 10% of my rewards.


For the results and more giveaways, make sure you follow me. I will publish a separate post at the end of this post's payout to announce the winners, and will then calculate and transfer the rewards to them. ALSO, those who do not follow me, will not enter the draw.


To increase the prize pool, consider commenting and resteeming. RESTEEM to TRIPLE your chances! YES, RESTEEMING this post will TRIPLE your chances in the draw. Wanna increase your chances even more? Leave a comment!


  • 1: TBA [10% of Author Rewards]
  • 2: TBA [10% of Author Rewards]
  • 3: TBA [10% of Author Rewards]


1st Amendment

The prize per winner is capped at 2 SBD. If it rises above this level, the number of winners will increase.

2nd Amendment

The maximum number of winners per game is 20.


Today's Scriptures, 13 June 2017

"When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan."Proverbs 29:2

[Read more at http://bible.com]

Don't forget to UPVOTE, COMMENT, and/or RESTEEM!

FOLLOW ME@msg768



Great initiative!

I'm soooo gonna win!! I have a fool-proof plan... I upvote, then I comment, then I resteem. It's gotta work!!

Win or lose you've still got those sweet sweet comment upvotes 🤤

Lol! I upvoted before this post reached 2 votes, and resteemed..
Am not to win..
Am here to help @msg768 if I can.

Thanks mate :]

I think i also !

Usually I do not play such games. I'll see if this may change my mind... :)

Good luck! :]

Cool game ! I love contests ! Upped 100%power and res teemed !👍👍👍

This one exploded and went above 20 bucks! I think it's because you resteemed it! LOL :P

haha I hope so ! thanks ! 👍👍👍

Hi I upvoted and resteemed

Cheers and good luck! :]

Good idea, I wish I could win.

This is awesome, I would love to win.

fingers crossed. thanks for the generous game!

Why did the resteem button disappear?

Because this post is already paid! :]

I never win anything but I will sure as heck try anyway haha

Make sure you read the rules and follow them! :]

I followed, upvoted, commented and resteemed, anything else??

Nope! Just wait for the results and if you want, participate everyday for more :]

I really hope this takes off my man.
Upvoted, commented and resteemed Dude.

Why is everyone putting up bible verses? Do I get the luck of more chances to win if I do? lol -hoping winner here

This is my way of preaching! :]

Am not a Christian but the truth in this scripture is universal, spanning across religions and divides of populace. Thanks for sharing

Great Markus! You are getting tremendous response for the game. Kudos to you. Looking at the responses, I guess you should increase number of winners :D

Even I have trippled my chances. Fingers crossed! :D

I'm trying to automate it but I have already added an amendment from which the number of winners can increase to up to 20 people depending on how big the prize pool becomes! :]

Great to see such contests! Keep going!
Upvoted and resteemed!

BINGO! oops wrong game lol

upvoted and resteemed, very nice concept.

Done, done, and done. Good luck everyone.

Nice job! Resteemet, upvoted, commented :)

Thanks for the chance to win! upvoted

Aqui cumpliendo con mi comentario vamos a ganar..!! Felicidades

I upvote and resteem.

new to steemit hope to win

"If you love me, keep my commandments" John 14:15

I'm getting the victory ! :o

I'm new to STEEM, but isn't this kind of a cheap method to getting upvotes? How does this add to the community?


This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jun 13. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $96.77 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 13 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

I want to win!!!

I just upvoted it. :) Hope I can win.

Done. Let's see if I get any luck!

Ok, I'll play your silly Steemit game. Make me a winner, I dare you. LOL

Awesome man. Appreciate what you're doing for the community :) Good luck to everyone!


I''m in msg768

I'll give this a shot 😊

Can I also join it.....Thanks

Sure mate! Just read the post and do what it says! :]

Upvoted resteemed commented and I loved the Bible quotations

When am in, I win ahahahahah

Roll the dice!!!

Psalm 37:4 :)


Congratulations! this comment won the Comment of the Day #21!! check out the contest post here.

Latest contest post is here

Please consider heading over and nominate some comments you think deserving of the same honor!!

You were nominated by @batanamatampuhin

Good game Hope to win the prize

upvote and follow !!!

Upvoted, following and resteemed! @ironshield

I just kissed my LUCKY dice.

up'd resteemed

I am a newbie here, so I guess this is my very first game I am entering! LOL. So I shall resteem this post and let's see how it goes at the end of the day. I hope I am not too let yet @msg768 :p

Very good job dear friend @ msg768 congratulations for this excellent initiative, I wish you the greatest of success !!!, surely many people will go adding to the project, thank you very much for sharing this post, mentaner the good work, my congratulations

Thats a great scipture @msg768
already following
upvoted now.

Wow, upvoted you and gave you $22 nice!

Great game ! very funny. Resteemed.

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