Day 3/365 How Much Steem Can I Earn in 1 Year

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Todays post will explore steem delegation as well as update current earning

I wanted to explore better ways to increase my steem power, so I was looking into converting mining profits to ethereum directly and buying steem delegation from block trades at 90 day rentals. I currently can mine about 1% of an ETH every 2 days. Blocktrades offers delegation of about 9 Steem per 1% ETH. This would give a running 440 Steem over 3 months. Or ... 50% of an ETH token which could be worth $1500-$2000 . Tough choices, if Steem goes up in value significantly then the vote selling reward would be more valuable to me. I really wanted to ask what you guys thought about steem delegation.

daily earnings

Sent 0.25 sbd for a vote bought, getting 0.28 sbd plus 0.1 steem power

Gained 0.014 steem power and 0.18 SBD

Mined 0.5% of eth token so about 1.3 Steem


0.7 sbd
~4 Steem


29 votes but 4 views.


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