Ultimate Steem Earning Guide

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Ultimate Steem Earning Guide

Hi fellow Steemians, I wanted to let you know that I've found a great way to earn free Steem, Steem Power, and SBD's so I thought I would put this guide together for you.

Things you'll need to get started

  • 1 Steem account
  • 10 or so Steem and 10 or so SBD
  • 100% Voting Power (it recharges at a rate of 0.833% per hour )
  • An account with Smart Steem
  • And just a small tiny amount of common sense

First, click here and link your Steem account

Obviously follow the instructions here, this site will let you delegate steem power to the site itself and earn 95% of their profit per day or you can sell your vote to them in order to earn 85% of their profit per day. With vote selling you can stop at anytime, pick who you want to vote for, or pick if you only want to vote for white listed members. A white listed member is someone that has received a thorough review and passed for quality content.

Why should I sell me vote or delegate my Steem?

I understand that if you have nothing better to do all day then wait for your voting power to be at 100% then you will probably be at a disadvantage using this type of service. Here is why you should however, within the aforementioned site you will be able initiate a setting that will only allow your vote to be cast if your voting power is above 99% which gives you about 11 100% votes per day. If you have 1000 Steem Power you would be looking at receiving right around $1 SBD / Steem per day just selling your votes automatically.

*Create your account and click your name. The dropdown menu will contain the settings option to set your voting rate.
vote settings.png

Throw in a graphics card for mining

If you have a graphics card or mining rig, you can earn Steem even faster. Mining Steem works like this, hook up your favorite mining software, mine a coin that can be exchanged on "your" exchange, and trade it for steem, litecoin, or usd. I currently mine Bitcoin Private an am getting about 3% of a coin per day. With time taking to list this coin I might be at 1.5 bitcoin private before it hits market. This should be a coin valued between $200 - $1500 dollars, so we shall see. My point is that this illustrates another way to earn Steem and Steem power.

Curation Rewards

After the first week of vote selling you should start to see curation rewards coming in. This is an awesome bonus for literally doing nothing. Here is a capture of my curation rewards from this week.
curation rewards 3_8_18.png This comes out to about 1% of my Steem Power increase. You can also spend time writing quality comments, dtubes, and your own authored content for extra Steem.

Adding it all up

Example starting with 1000 steem power

  • Selling votes earns you : 6 SBD per week
  • Curation earns you: 1 Steem power
  • Some comments and posts you wrote earned you: 1 SBD and 0.4 Steem Power
  • (Mining is too speculative to include )

So week 1 you get around 7 SBD and 1.4 Steem Power

this is approximately 10 Steem Power total based on market which is 1% of your holding

  • Here is where it gets interesting: Follow me @mybitcoinacademy for my next installment of this article.

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