My humble and honest thoughts about steemit..

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So before I start rambling about certain topics.
Let me just say, im pretty much a newbie here on steemit.
Been here for just over a month, so if I say something stupid please don't hold back and correct me.

The purpose of this post is because I have a lot of thoughts and questions about some topics. I hope there are some steemians that can clearify this for me or share their thoughts on the matter.

Rewardpool rape

One of the first things I noticed on steemit is, that one guy called Haejin made lots of money buy putting up his Techical Analysis reports on here. I was amazed by it. Alot of people were commenting to it, saying they were super happy about it. 

I actually thought.. these people were just saying these things to get a follow or an upvote. Because alot of responses looked dishonest and exaggerated. So the environment at first was abit weird and with all the money flowing arround it also felt bizar. 

But to get to the point.. (sort off)

A battle between Bernie and Heajin feeding off of each other. It just doesn't seem right, that hate speech gets upvoted and rewarded for thousands of dollars. 

For me this created an environment of scamming and dishonesty. it felt like people are just doing 'stuff' wich might be sensational or seems legit only to get those rewards. 

At this point I almost wanted to stop using the platform but sometimes I found some quality content wich entertained me. So I still had hope in the Steemit platform. 

Also I started to make a few posts to check out how the platform works. And starting off from scratch seems like an impossible road because your post is overrulled by others in a matter of seconds.

But what this all means is that steemit isn't really userfriendly in the sense that it isn't a welcoming platform. If you post a introduceyourself, you will get spammed by people who want your follow and you get dishonest posts. 

                                                              So how can we fix these things?

Forced positivity

The thing what bugs me aswell, is that people are just always positive and even if something is super silly and stupid. I still see people respond as if they have discovered something super intense.

Some posts I see people clinging to the opinions of the poster. No one to shed light on the other side of a story or a disagreement about the subject. What this creates is a community of facade. People interacting with eachother but everyone is putting up his own big show of how likeable they seem to be.

I have seen no one talk about this yet, so maybe I could be wrong about this part of people putting up shows. But please tell me if you think this aswell. It creates an ambiance of fakeness, dishonesty and connections build on an act to earn a following.

The moment people can earn money by posting and interacting they just throw out there personality out the window and go for the show.

Dont get me wrong, I have seen alot of honest people, likeable and funny. But damn.. some people make me cringe to the bone. I just can't keep on reading their comments.

Hight of quality content

There seems to be a very high contrast between quality of content. On the trending page I have seen amazing posts and video's. But oh my gawd.. some posts getting high rewards for posting jack shit.
Then I wonder how did it come to that place.

If I'd compare the content on youtube or facebook versus the content on steemit or Dtube. Im just looking at a long and long desert road to get past for steemit. 

Ofcourse because steemit is probably still in its infancy and not alot of users are on the platform. So not much competition for "who has the best content" about a certain subject. Explains why. 

Not to say that I make incredible content. But then again im just a small fish.. 

Maybe I just haven't seen the right steemians yet, I'd like to discover them so if you have suggestions let me know in the comments!

Barrier for newcomers

Also what I think is holding steemit back alot at the moment is that the barrier to use it is just way to high. If we truely want to replace mainstream social media platforms it has to be upgraded to a much higher level! I am not a programmer or developer so I cant help out with that.

For me it would be amazing to see all my friends who are clinging onto insta and facebook to come on here. But eventhough you can make money here. 

People just rather stay on there. Why you ask? I mean, after all.. you can make money here for sharing things you love!

Well.. in my opinion it just looks to boring. It looks like an application from the 90's. (By the way I think this platform is very cool and promising but it lacks alot of things) 

We have alot of terminology on here, crypto is pretty new for most of the people and if your new here and you post something no one is there to read it. 

I don't know how we could solve those issues but I'd love to see a stream of new people on here.
I've told people about this platform and everyone just doesn't understands it (maybe because of my explaination) or thinks its some geeky weird shit. 

A thing what I think would upgrade this platform is to categorise your following.

If you have all your close friends on this platform and you just want to check the "feed" of your close friends its better that way. 

You like to see the rest of the content of your following aswell but if you follow to much people your feed gets bombarded with stuff. What maybe doesn't intrest you at that time. But maybe later it does. 

Well.. that's it for me I could go on forever but that would make the post a little to big and hectic as it already is. I tend to jump from subject to subject in my way of speech. 

Making side walks from  the the main topic diving to deep into detail. But hey.. that's probably how my brain seems to work. 

If you read the whole thing through, holyshit you have lightning focus! 

If you read bits and pieces great thanks and if you just read the titles no problems doesn't matter! 

Just let me know what you think on these subjects! Because im eager about your opinions. 

Oh btw.. This is my Ether adres:48ut934t934htq93h4t934thjuejiejrgijriogjdiogjriogjrigjrijgijgrgjrigjrigjirgjrijgirjgirjgrigjirjgirjgirjggjr

Just kidding.. ;)

Thanks again and if you liked it up dat vote, so I know.

And if you thought it was shit. I dont mind as long as you Hit ThAt FolloW BuTTON!!!! 

Have a great day or night!!


Just kidding xD LOL! Great post bro, Upvoted.

Yeah.. I think it's pretty lame to put that out there, I mean you already have the upvote button. And it's not like you are a charity, your just a blogger. Thx for the vote bro

A lot of what is going on here is playing the game, but there are real people and good interactions going on, also. Just look at all the real people commenting here. Have you checked out their posts? Eventually, you will find like minded people. Stay away from the trending page and search for topics of interest. If you can't find them, write them!

The site really is what you make it!

You´ve been here longer than me so you might possible be more right ;) I have definetely checked out alot of people their posts and commented. I indeed found some interesting people. So yeah.. let's focus on the good bits and ignore the abusers. I usually check the 'hot'section because the posts look more genuine.

Yep, it is all what you make it! The hot section should be full of little people trying to get some exposure by pimpimg their posts. A good place to start. It is all what we make it! :)

I just read your post and honestly agree with a lot of issues you’ve mentioned! Especially the thing about fake “positivity” and comments. I immediately thought we were thinking the same when you talked about the low quality content issue, that’s so true!!! Unfortunately...
I’m glad you made this post and really appreciate your honesty. I’d also love to get in contact with you! What’s your email?
Thank you✨

Hey, thanks for reading! :) I have seen some other people talking about those issues that good to see, so hopefully things will change into the future. But I'd rather not post my Email adress here haha, whats yours?

You’re welcome! I really enjoyed reading your blog! Hopefully ;)

Thx for share with as your opininon about this platform. I am new here and this information are value for me. I fully agree with You about thesis that mamy people want to lick your .... Trying to get more steem from You. But cant win with that. You can only verify each comment/vote i try to cache this false steemers. Thx for your work.

Thanks m8 :) I noticed that eventually its pretty easy to spot forced positivism. Im curious on how this platform is in about a year. I was also reading an article from someone that wrote about how steemit now is and how it was a year ago. very much has changed he said. Not for the better tho :P

You mentioned about article comparing steemit now and year ago, there is chance to reesteemit it? or you dont have a blady idea where to look it. Getting back to topic i also think that thery is so many postive comments due the fact that quarrels are not profitable. Quarrels cause only damage, so people are avoiding it as much as they can :)

No idea where to find it tbh.. have read to much lately!

I completely agree with you. I just joined yesterday and was taken aback by the strange reactions to some of the ridiculous content. I am highly interested into Cryptocurrencies and I joined i order to attempt to educate myself further with content regarding Crypto but most of the time, I am finding unoriginal posts with news I already knew. Good luck on your journey with this platform and I will be continuing my search for good content. I like your honesty!

Good to see im not wrong on that! Good luck on getting more information on crypto. How I get information from crypto is mainly youtube there are some good but also really bad content creators.

So true on many of the points @mysted. I'm currently writing up about my experience over the last month here. I started using Steemit around December time. I think there are good and bad things about any platform, Steemit having quite a few bad points. But I still feel there is potential here and it's very early on, so I have hopes that with time (and new content creators jumping onboard) we will have a good platform to use in the future. Keep sharing your thoughts with us so we can improve :)

Yeah indeed, I also think there is lots of potential, but not yet really feeling it. Although a few days ago I saw a report from an investment firm and steem was in the top 5 of crypto´s. So yeah, other people think there is potential aswell.

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Hi, I saw that. I felt awful.. -_- I did not want to bid that much... is their a way to redeem your bid if something goes wrong?

no, is not guaranteed, do not worry my idea is just to raise awareness, is up to us then what to do, just check the post to see a little more and if you like my idea, upvote it :)

Very valid points made!
I also find this false positiveness sometimes very annoying. I have not seen this discussed yet.

Great that you feel the same. If people have never experienced steemit and they see all these people sucking up to each other. It's as if it's a cult..

Well I see it the same way you do. There is a lot of bullshit going on. Unfortunately, like any other social media plattform, there isn't much quality content beside the trending stuff. There nearly no educational content from a science perspective, so I miss it and I am not saying either that my content is A+++, but it is better than some Tourists walking around in Thailand for sure.

Good Luck and you will be the first I will follow!


Haha indeed. You should expect that when people get great rewards they will put more and more effort into making content. But most of the big boys with lots of rewards just spam the same shit over and over again. Just to make that quick buck.

In essence it is the same as in every social plattform. Spam spam spam and easy things. Sprinkle some sex, stupidity and easy information on it... viola.. the perfect money making video without a real content and just passing the time of the viewer.

Look at my video about the influence of culture on perception which was an actual presentation on a congress in Brazil. Nothing^^

Yeah, it's kinda true.. youtube is filled with all the same shit aswell. and cool i'll look into that :)

You just stated the secret truth. Thank you
Nice piece..

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I really like reading your articles. You brought up some particularly interesting points that I have to say I agree with. I really appreciate Steemit and it's purpose, however I do think perhaps some tweaks to the interface may be a good idea moving forward.
For example, you cant see peoples profile image and short description/info when looking through followers. When trying to find like minded people to follow, it would be less longwinded to find someone I want to follow and then look through who they follow or their followers for yoga enthusiasts (for instance) judging quickly by their photo or description. Also it only lists from A B C etc, so if others were looking in this way, then my profile would rarely be noticed with it starting with a V! Perhaps this is just something that would not bother others, but it reminded me of yesterday being in that situation.