Request to Become a Curator day 62

in #steemit4 years ago

Hi guys, I'm a @mysteemvote. I'm a manual curator, but now I'm still very small and I desperately need help from steemit users to give me a little leftovers. Today maybe i'm still very small but with the help of steemian’s, i sure can become a curator.

If you want to share a little donation from the rest of your food please send it to me @mysteemvote. If not, please support me with upvote my posting.
I will keep posting my application until I can become a curator minnows. Hopefully with this petition I can help other small fish to grow in steemit.
I really hope you support by sharing 1 upvote only in each of my posts, maybe I will continue to post this request until my power reach 2,000 Steem Power. Just 2,000 I need to start helping small fish.
Actually starting from now I try to find interesting posts and articles and I will vote, just I do not have the power.
I will also create an interesting challenge or contest like #photography, #writing, #art, #travel, #food, and #nature.
The resulting results from the posts and donations will be used to purchase steam power and some will be used to create a challenge
Thank you for Supporting, Upvote, Resteem & Follow me @mysteemvote


nice post plz upvote

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