What is steemit and how does it works?

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Steemit :

Steemit is the best way to write article as you wish. Also it can provide us a part of money. We can try to english about anything. That's why we can practise our english skill smoothly. Steemit is very popular site in the world and it gets popularily for its working ability.


Steemit a social media network built on top of blockchain technology has taken this craving for Internet popularity points and has turned it into a way for bloggers to earn cryptocurrency.

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Start Up a Steemit account


Then by upvoting people you can get a good amount of money.Then you can claim your reward into the wallet. First of all you get SBD that's value is more in Usd.


When your post revenue close after 7 days you can make a Good amount of sbd and this Sbd invest steemit bot tracker sactor and you can get more profit and eart more sbd and reputation. You can also upvote your post youreself.

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