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RE: Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".

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Wahh! This is all me! I almost forgotten the "old me" when I entered here. Why? nah! I feel down when no one upvotes the post I worked hard for. These words will be always in my mind to avoid the weakness in struggling through this platform. I will keep my eyes on top and absorb all your advice. We are all thankful that you guys are there, pushing us up in this world. We've learned a lot and continue learning some more. We are holding the sword of all the motivations you're giving in behalf of sir Terry. Thank you!


You are awesome @neihy05 . Don't give up . You are stronger than the obstacles. Just be who are you.

I will remember this. Thank you po ate!

Very awesome. You will grasp better your words here, if you sought out my introductory post

Please follow @gerel, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

We're just so blessed to have you sir!

It is normal that we outrack ourselves in the journey here and what causes that if we try to evaluate is really an overwhelming rewards from your left and right. The thing is, we are here to share what the YOU has and not to overpower by this platform and disregard the YOU.
I think this @gerel blog has just hit us with a powerful message which we all need to take personally and SERIOUSLY. Cheers @neihy05

Well said. This post made us realized one big thing. Let's work through these words and walk straight to our goal. Cheers!

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