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RE: New Steemit update claim reward Tax?

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

It's probably because part of the reward was given to you in Steem, the 0.392 steem. The User interface fails to show you what's truely happening, so it's a bug in the UI. That's my guess anyway.

It's not a tax, you still got all the money, just in a different form.


You are 100% right @neoxian sir. its not a tax, just in a different form.

@angelina66 but i am not understanding steemit gives me 0.75 SBD less then total reward and gives me 0.39 Steem ?

you face this problem first time?

@angelina66 no from last week i am facing it

That's because when STEEM goes below $2, the rewards start to split between STEEM/SBD in the 50% of liquid currency. It happens because SBDs have to be regulated in order to avoid inflation/lose of value of the SBD. When STEEM goes above $2, you'll see your 50% rewards only in SBD. It's part of the system, not a flaw.

So clear this explanation!!! Thanks!!

I noticed happening it since about two weeks which stopped for a day or two in between and then again.

you are right

Mr @lays.
I've always had problems like you. And I've been looking for the answer why the reward payment is not in accordance with the written?
I am confused where the rest of the payment from our post?

But until now there has been no definite explanation for it. I hope you can find the answer and tell us all.

But mr @lays. To find out the amount of rewards we will receive for sure, you can check it at
It might help us. Please try it.
Sorry if I have not found the answer yet.

@neoxian I hope it's a bug only because the part SBD reward given to us in form of Steem is a loss.

Thanks you very much my teacher @neoxian for your explanation..

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