Do the steemit Welcome new users ?

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I have been created this account for 8 months and i knew nothing to do . So, i made a glance at steemit and going back to my daily life . I learned nothing from steemit and my account is not active for long time . I'm now going back to steemit and starting to understand the steemit community . I'm not clever at English and i'm not clever at posting . So, someone help me pls to make a community and daily life in steemit such kind of person like me . I want step by step guide for what to do in steemit and how to do that . Thz everybody reading my post . By the way , I'm from Myanmar and if there any myanmar users come and contact me . I need ur help and guide . Thz ...


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook not so good

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