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RE: The only Important thing right now: Is the Steemit Stake Private Property?

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Thing is, is writing a blog online from steemit saying "we won't use the stake for x,y,z" legally binding? I'm not a legal person but I highly doubt it. Just sounds like it would make the source of whoever wrote it untrustworthy if they went against their word more than anything.

Plans change, steemit is a private company so whatever business was discussed was likely to be signed with an NDA or confidentiality agreement (like with any company contract that's signed... With a pen and paper) between Justin and Ned.

My personal view is that if there's no signed legally binding document proving that the stake would not be used then where's the footing/foundation for a legal case? And then, even if there was, who would Mr Scott even sign that contract with?? It doesn't add up in my mind but I'm observing from afar.

I was not in support of the soft fork, it sounded sketchy and had a feeling it would come back round. I did proxy witness vote for about an hour or two but I am abstaining from voting again. I don't really trust anyone at the moment!

It's going to have to be some meeting next time to fill me with any confidence. Viewing from the horizon with binoculars.


Well, I just read this article from crypto briefing and that got me setting theycallmedan as a witness vote proxy