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RE: Project hope and curation trail on - brainstorming

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Hi, I was brought to this post from @juanmolina and wanted to say a couple of things about it as an outsider.

While I understand that curation rewards are better since HF21 and there's more incentive to get a bigger account to reward high effort content, my first reaction to this post was that this does feel a little bit like "gaming the system" to me. This is the first time I've come across your project so I want to help where I can and apologise if I have the wrong impression.

What is the content you're going to be curating? How are you going to curate it? Is it just limited to your members? Some more detail on this would be great!

To be honest, I'm pretty against anything automatically upvoting unless it's a curation trail that has clear checks on plagiarism, spam etc and the content has gone through two checks from manual curation before giving a vote. Seeing auto-votes from accounts coming in at the 3-5 minute mark to "front-run" is not what the STEEM platform is about in my opinion but I digress (not directed at your project, more a general rant).

So some feedback from my point of view, take it or leave it of course, it's your project:

  • If you can show how you would deem content to be worthy of this double upvote then I think it would be a great initiative for transparency purposes.
  • Maybe you can have this first upvote/curation trail only for certain people who have been valuable members of your community but I'm not sure it should be worded as a "guarantee" (I think the emphasis should still be on the manual curation and keeping people on their toes so they don't "get used to the upvotes/curation rewards) - you could almost gamify it in a way.

Anyway, I wish you luck with the project, I'll follow it so I can see what's going on, it sounds like your heart is in the right place :)



hi again @nickyhavey

I hope my previous reply wasn't to long and didn't put you to sleep :)

Hi @crypto.piotr

I've tagged you in my latest blogs, i've sent you my #lnbt tokens as donation and still haven't got anything from you ...

I didn't got time and i'm still not so active in commenting on blogs ... beside upvoting on some of your requests that i've been able to observe through your memos ... but i've created finally something that i think might help the community through my art/music.

You can check it out on my blogs and my webpage as well.

Some of the next phases, IF people will start to support my #lnbt i'll send steem-power to accounts like your @project.hope and many other accounts.

Hope you'll spread the nooze about my so people will start to invest.

I've already donated to those who upvoted my two blogs related to my #lnbt

Hope to hear some feedback from you and feel free to start trading your #lnbt inside @steem-engine


Dear @luciannagy

I'm sorry for such a late reply. I'm trying to follow all comments/posts where my name is being tagged - but it's just to much sometimes and even 3-4h daily on steemit is sometimes not enough.

Hope you'll spread the nooze about my so people will start to invest.

How popular is your project so far? And could you share link to post explaining what LNBT is about?


Hi @crypto.piotr

I've thought you've checked my blog about this

Also here is the link where people can invest/trade their #lnbt tokens.

It started already to become a proposal among musicoin artists to implement my #lnbt as a form of payment for recordings/rehearsal sessions inside some of their studios and first of them who came with the idea is @recording-box

I think this will grow very organic day by day.

Feel free and spread the nooze and this link

Soon as i 'll have more steem and i can invest from my #lnbt i'll delegate steempower for you.

I think even through that i'll be able to support @project.hope and @hope.venezula and other accounts inside the ecosystem of steemit.

Hope this find you well and you'll agree with me about my concept.

Regards @crypto.piotr

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