Yeah, It is not working at all

it's working for me with 80%. it just takes time i think, idk how to get paid though

I will try to explain it:
Your vote is used to Upvote Upbotebank's members. Your vote is worth some money. If it is below 0.05, your vote might be used 10 times. After your vote is used 10 times to vote, your Ubpotebank balance is max 0.5, so your next created post will get $0.5 from Upovotebank's members.

It is all about votes your account made by this bot.

To check "balance" you have to comment Upvotebank's comment or post, not others :D

Hope I helped!

EDIT: $0.005, so you will get $0.05. If your vote i highter than 0.005, it will be max 5 times higher, so if it is 0.006, you will get $0.03.

Ah I see! Thanks!

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