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RE: Steemd is now completely free to use with an MIT License

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just a technical question, when LICENCE it will be changed in repository?

EDIT: ok, I found it:

It is not merged yet, because it waits for jekins (just a formality in that case)... so it is happening:


Are you new or have always been there? Been seeing you more lately and you are really sharp!

@vandeberg is one of the founding members of the Steemit Team. He formerly used the account @proskynneo. And yes he is quite sharp ;)

I do miss the posting sharpness of @andrarchy though! Has your timeline got a case of resteem-itis?! Your worse than @mammasitta! Has Steemit Inc. deballed and declawed you? I hope not my old friend! Ha ha! Steem on ... and reveal thy personality ... always set aside time for that @andrarchy - it's a RELEASE!!! ... and it also allows people to see the personality in their community manager too [just some blogger feedback for ya!] ;) Die hard the hunter!

I don't understand what you mean. Worse than me? Could you go more into details and clarify ? @mindhunter

Hello my serial resteemer! 7/10 i.e. 70% of your last 10 posts were resteems! Last week it was 90%!! Terrible behaviour from the Mamma :D

Dear @mindhunter I re-steem as much as I wish to support authors who never get enough votes from whales nor other members. I worked hard to get over 850 followers.
Nobody has the right to critique my behaviour and call it terrible but its your right to think as you wish. I am posting a lot of articles as well and I am an active curator. I will continue to introduce good posts on my blog . Have a nice day !

BTW As much as You enjoy posting I do love helping newbies and their great posts drowning . Who decides whats bad behaviour anyways ?

Great point mama - I totally agree with you - but I like it when you post more :) Am I being selfish? Possibly ;)

If I recall correctly his name is on the white paper even.

Isn't he the bright young man who introduced at the steemfest ?