Harsh reality

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With BTC having a bull run these past few weeks, a lot of people I observed are joining in the cryptocurrency world. That is really good! Having more people adapting in our world is making our dream a reality- that cryptocurrency will finally be acceptable as a permanent mainstream currency. However, I have been reading a lot of posts recently which truly disappointed me.Some posts claim that if you join and start writing, this can be your full time job- you will earn more and not leave your house anymore. While this might be true to some of us, they are not for most of the people out there. This is a harsh reality but, it is what it is.

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Quality content

Some people are gifted in making quality content. They may write interesting things about their life, their goals or whatever topic they deemed are interesting to them. The harsh reality here is that in steemit, your income depends on how many people upvotes them. Not to mention, people who hated your posts so much they decided to downvote them.

Loyal Followers

Your're new in steemit and you do not have followers. Writing quality contents does not get you a lot of rewards if you do not have any loyal followers. On the same breathe, do not expect your posts to be upvoted by the rest of the community if you write once every month. Quality and frequency is important.

steem power/ Delegation

Have you ever been curious what steem power and delegation stands up for?In simple words: the higher the number, the more engagements and reward you get. If your steem power is only 15, then you have a limited engagement time. When I started, my resource credit allows me to post every 2 days. That's how hard it is.

I earned 0.001 from my first post and the next few ones were not so good as well. At that time, steem is 8 USD- if I am not mistaken. Compare that to now where 1 steem is less than 1 dollar.

In the end, I am not attempting to scare, disappoint, frustrate or drive anyone from this community. What I am saying is that, do not believe in the lies that you can immediately trade your full time job to this. The journey is harsh, difficulty and impossible to some. It is not a bad thing to dream and hope for the best but as we go through life, being realistic with your expectations and situation would save you from possible grief or disaster.

There is nothing bad about writing or steemit in general. But having a good perspective on what to expect in this community would allow anyone to have a genuine understanding on how things work around here.