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For anybody who did not move out of the community, this is my post on hive. I basically copy/pasted this. I want your opinion guys.

Hello Everyone!

Before I start creating more content, I have a lot of questions for anyone who can probably help me. I am sure that most of us who came from steemit are making arrangements to finally stay in hive but somehow, leaving steemit forever makes it complicated for me because:

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I wanted to know what happens to my steem engine tokens.

Are they migrating to the hive, or, will they stay in steemit? Should I unstake my tokens and exchange it to ENG then steem?

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Token related questions:what will happen to hunt tokens? Where is review hunt now?


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Are there tribes in HIVE? Are the tribes migrating too?


No offense but so far, it seems like I have only read posts from few people who I used to engaged with in steemit. I believe that like me, an ordinary, curious and very helpless fish, people out there might still be a bit cautious about moving in because, they wanted to know how things are.

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So, we got into the 1:1 airdrop last Saturday. But like the rest of the world, I wanted to powerdown and trade my steem for hive. Any up dates on these guys?

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In the end, I am not really rushing my move to hive but before I finally do that, I just want to see how things are. I wanted to have the same experience or not a better experience before all these drama. So can anybody please give me an honest answer on these? Before I forget, should I start voting for witnesses again?

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