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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

in #steemit3 years ago

Great article, it has insight as well as humor... I have only been here a little over a week, so I have to take your words on faith and knock on wood... But this is all very exciting, appealing to me because I knew nothing about crypto, I was mostly loving a place that would pay me to do what I was doing on fascistbook and instagrope... So I dove in, even though I have really just gotten my toes wet...

Here's to the fun, weird future!


oh it's very easy to confirm, just go to bittrex and check at how much SBD is trading it, and that's meant to be pegged to the USD

you can also check in the internal market under wallet, just go to steem dollar and select market to have a look

basically if you choose 50/50 post rewards lately, esp if you did 7 days ago, you're getting over 5x the advertised payout if you convert your SBD to Steem or anything else

That's basically what I've been telling people as well since this whole thing started, make sure to set your posts to 50/50 to take advantage of the huge boost. Kind of crazy that right now 20 SBD is worth 120 STEEM on the internal market!

Also, dunno if you noticed yet, but it also seems that you can now select 50/50 comment payouts on STEEMIT as well!

Oh, I also meant to suggest maybe a toggle that we could switch on each profile settings, whether we want to see posts in USD or SBD?