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Has similar use to steem, however it doesnt create wealth. You can only partisipate if you already have some or if someone is willing to pay for your content, support someones content or to leave a comment. Yours' economy is built on an existing token, Bitcoin. You have to pay to post content as well as to promote content.

You can sell the content at your own prices


"LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace.
You own your data. You control the network. Indeed, you are the network.
Hollywood films, college lessons, amazing streamers and more are on the first media network ruled by you."

LBRY is a platform with its own currency (LBC). However it differs from Steem : all LBC that is used on the platform must be purchased or mined. The only way for content creators to get some is if someone gives it to them by supporting their post. The company is focusing on video content.


The Road Towards the Decentralized Future of Social Networking

"Synereo is developing a series of tools designed to merge into a fully decentralized social network, further generalized into a universal, distributed computation platform

While the road is long, it is paved with applications offering functioning, real-world solutions that utilize AMPs, Synereo’s cryptocurrency, and provide them with backing."

Its a decentralized app is meant as a complement to existing social networks. What I mean is that instead of being a place where people actually create content, it's a place where people share it. Synereo’s first set of tools will allow content creators to monetize original works on existing networks

There would need to be some sort of conformation that a new person is actually reading the article, but it's an interesting thought.

They aren't clear about how this will work however.

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check out
for great content if you are interested in lbry

I don't agree with some of your picks. Yours is quite similar to Steemit.

LBRY is a protocol, not a direct competitor to Steemit. In fact, some people have proposed to use LBRY in Steemit posts. For example, people can upload images to LBRY via instead of the way Steemit is doing it right now, which is upload the file to Amazon S3 servers. With LBRY, while there were computers storing the image -and powered on- it would be possible to show the image. And it is free both for storing and for the bandwidth. Also LBRY as a company aren't focused in video. They provide a client which allow users to upload content. Most of it is in the form of video, but there are also some images. Users upload it, not the company. LBRY can host any type of content, not just videos or audio.

Synereo has a long history behind them They started as a way for put back in user hands the activity in social networks. After many years, they have just released WildSpark -which will finally release out of beta next month-. That new product must be put into the Monetization sector, not the Content Platform sector.

Im not an expert like you apparently... Ive just searched for social networks and this what came up. I dont know that much about it, so thank you for clearing things up.
There is also for russianspeaking users.

I am not an expert. It is just easy for people to write articles -even journalists do it- just by reading what it is written in the projects home page, without testing it for themselves.

I didn't want you to be taken as a non-expert. I was just adding some information that it wasn't taken into account when talking about social networks and adding LBRY and Synereo as if they were. They are not.