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Update on the onlyprofitbot policy

  • The max bid is now 1 sbd/steem per user, this is to avoid a single user taking all of the bidding pool.
  • The min bid is 0.05 sbd/steem to allow finer tweak in price
  • We have temporary removed the guarantee ROI stamp until the price of STEEM/SBD is stabilized again

Key thing to know!!

  • This bot is not meant for the abuse for quick profit. The profit margin adjusted for this bot is really small. Total pool should have up to 2% guaranteed. But enough to guarantee the bidders won't bid way above the total upvote value unless price instability as we see.

Thanks for using our service!

We hope to become the better bot in existence to serve all the steemians. Our bot is solely intended to boost the post of good writers without having to lose their ROI massively.

I hope you can join our vision by delegating any amount of SP. AS the earnings will be used to increase the total upvote strength and further empower all steemians.

100SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, FILL IN ANY SP


The bot is not displaying the "Total Bids" in the STEEMBOT Tracker interface.

I see that a check mark is shown for the bot providing an "API" to STEEMBOT. Could this be the root of the problem? It was working fine yesterday, showing the "Total Bids".

Steem on,

Yeah @etcmike I'm trying to work on the API. I just need more time. And I noticed you want to delegate more SP, you have to send the present amount + the previous amount. So for example you invested 1k SP before and you wanted to add in another 1k. What you should do is delegate a total of 2k sp. That's how the blockchain works currently. There's no additive effect, you need input the full amount. Thank you for doing business with us! :)

I will continue to support the @onlyprofitbot. I have upped my delegation to 6.125k SP. I plan to incrementally increase my delegation to @onlyprofitbot over time. And to assist with the accounting, when I up my delegation to @onlyprofitbot I will do it as close to the payout time as possible.
Thank you for being patient with me as I learn about the SP delegation feature and bitbots.

Very grateful for the opportunity to participate in @onlyprofitbot!!!

Steem on,

@etcmike, do you care to maybe explain what you have learned when it comes to SP delegation, why would one do so, and B. The bidbots, I just started to use them for my last post, and trying to wrap my head around the ROI% and how it all works out! Currently it looks like you would be losing money in the long run? Again, if you could break something down simply and short I would really appreciate it! Would love to be apart if I can wrap my head around it, and it makes sense! @onlyprofitbot @etcmike


When sending 0,5 SBD luck with $0,36

2 hours ago I sent you and even my post has not been voted yet

Hi we already voted on that. Sorry for the delay. But most of the time it upvotes. Thanks for using our service!

Welcome to Steemit. Follow to my blog.
Every day I'm upvote the posts of those who upvote my posts.

It doesn't work like that. Don't self advertise here. Earn your own audience thank you.

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If it is not giving bidders a profit why would people send you money to bid on it? I'm not trying to be rude I'm fairly new and trying to understand. People send you SBD , which you keep and so you grow bigger, but people just get there same amount back? Are you guys doing curation trails or a non-profit project that you fund with this bot?

The thought of using bid bot as a way to earn profit is a big NO NO. If you read carefully what I posted. I said "My bot is not meant for the abuse of quick profit, it supposed to be boosting your post for more visibility" Yes you can still earn profit of my bot, but you should keep in mind you'll not be that lucky everytime. However, my bot is less greedy and I put a cap on all bidders losses. Yes we will carry out some project soon.

I'm still not understanding. You are called "profitbot" and YOU guys make a profit correct? Why is it ok for a bot to make a profit but a poster not?