Proposed plans and added features to OPB!!

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Min Post age is now 20 min

OPB will now implement the minimum bidders' post age is 20 minutes. So any post that exceed 20 min is encouraged. And if you send posts that are below 30 minutes, it will be pushed to the next round.

Bid of more than 40%

Let's say in particular round, the total bid value exceeded 40% than what OPB can upvote. It will push those excess bids to the next round without you having to wait till the next round. This is a better alternative than refunding those who missed the boat.

The way you'll know your post was pushed is by the transfer memo. So we will give a small tip of 0.001 sbd with a notification of your post was pushed to the next round.

Proposed plans : curation rewards for minnows

OPB also plan to serve as a platform for bidders or minnows to upvote posts that is going to be hit big by whale bots. We plan to resteem on our page and let you guys to upvote and earn some Steem Power. If you want to understand more about how curation rewards work on steemit. Do checkout this post by @miniature-tiger

If you want to see how much you'll earn in terms of SP, you can use this tool too :

What you guys think, steemians? Do leave your feedback below.

Last but not least,

Please delegate to us to help us grow!

I hope you can join our vision by delegating any amount of SP. AS the earnings will be used to increase the total upvote strength and further empower all steemians.

100SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP, FILL IN ANY SP

Please vote for @yabapmatt as witness for making this bot possible



refunded. Sorry just noticed.

hello, i tried to get upvote and in the memo i typed my name (COPY PASTE problem)
plz refund me

Refunded. Please becareful next time.

Hi @onlyprofitbot I delegated 200 SP to you but I've undelegated three days ago for certain reason but I didn't get back yet. Did you take 7 days to return SP just like minnowbooster?

I'm waiting for your kind reply.

It's not us or any party controlling when you will get back your SP. It's the blockchain who controls how long you'll get back your SP. And no matter to whom you delegated, once you undelegate, it needs 7 days to get back your SP. Thanks.

Thank You so much for your kind response. :)

No prob :) But sad to see you go :(

When I will earn much SP then will delegate you for sure. No hard feelings :)

What % a round you vote?


Please delete this comment. Or you'll get flagged till zero.

Done i did