To all other repliers an encouragement:
Yes questions please, people, then I won't be the only numpty out here.
Let's egg the up and coming (10 Today!) Onnovocks on to dedicate an entire blog series to a FAQs for steemian wallet-phobes.

My question to you on How To, is already elsewhere

Without the heading I was much inclined to read you had a new status as Magus, making an exhortation/incantation. We could have done with that around here. With the heading I must laud your pigeon

b.t.w. appealing to Mr. Creativo now: is there a way to make my favorite, most frequently needed emoticon on Steemit (yes, I've discovered them on my phone: it's pretty much the only way I can get through to my mother) in conventional keyboard script: .

BuhnySlipper2 2019-02-28 15-49-00.png

I can upload images again, woohoo. This one goes back to a medical problem where I had to keep my leg up.

I have not come across a convenient way to use emoticons on Steemit, but I'll ask around for ya.

So... still struggling with emoticons after all,... that is you in rabbit slippers??

Lynds' says she uses this website and copy/paste for emojis.

Ok. I thought about this for a bit after jumping to hasty conclusions. I thought you had me for a simpleton. But this website link is indeed full of emojis which are easy to integrate into text and grow and shrink like a font. However,
my face was nicer than her face. (and the main reason why I skipped that site) No accounting for taste, of course, and the 1990-retro computer look has its moments of resurgence, agreed.
still remains the matter of my not having really appealed successfully to Mr. Creativo (Mr. Cogito, if you prefer, ) for I though you had a treasure chest of really keyboard-crafted cuneiform like men (with hats) to spare.

Sorry to disappoint, I never had a need for emojis to that extent, so I never bothered to look into the matter :_(

My interests in computers is mainly to get them to work and to keep them working. Painting the flames on them to make them resemble Hot Rods I leave to another discipline. If you look at my posts here on Steemit, you'll find little in the form of embellishments.

And what joy in your less is more style. It never disappoints.

Great to hear shooting starts tomorrow. Hope you've put the manual of all your new equipment under your pillow. Works wonders.

I never doubted that you didn't read my posts, and I had a bunch of altercations back in the day about how inane it was to vote without reading (or at least visiting in person). I likened it to sending a gift without turning up at the party. But that is what people do apparently. And they gift the most nonsensical, faddish things. Like an Eternal Rose. Good grief. I really have to despair. My son got his Bat From Hell such an anniversary gift. (Christ, what a year in Hell.) How does good taste, even fair taste get lost in one generation? No accounting for sensibilities, I suppose. A rose in a box, dessicated, scentless, packed away (or it will gather dust).... I can only hope this dead gift puts a deadly spell on the relationship.

In a way I hope you don't (hardly) find time to read me anymore! That would be good news right? A jampacked or maplesyrup coated life in the WAFS?
Go easy on the macchiatios on set. It's all void calories.

Pretty much, yes! I'm part of this group headed by Lyndsay Bowes and made a bunch of images concerning a certain flaggard. I posted the question in the group, one of the guys is a game developer so he may have a solid answer if Lynds' doesn't.

Steem has fallen below $0.20 USD.
How does it feel?
What will you do, if Steem will go down even more.
For example to $0.10 USD, or to $0.07 USD, or to $0.05 USD, or to even lower.
Will you still buy? Sell? Or hold?

The Steem I have now is the 1700 or so Steem I powered down earlier this year. Through day trading it went 5x and added it back to what was left, so I now have close to 10,000 Steem. At this point I'm not buying as many of the larger accounts are powering down.

How do I feel? If this platform hadn't evolved into a greed fest I'd buy more, but I'm not panicking, what I have here is chump change, but I will start a power down again soon. I may loose a few bucks, but I also gained a few friends. Priceless.