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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

in #steemit3 months ago (edited)

I checked my pending payout and noticed I'll be earning tron shortly after I saw a post announcing it. This is a huge step for us and I'm excited, I can wait for other developments too. Kudos to the team, y'all amazing


I have been away for sooooo long and I was planning on comming back and find out about this tron thing but I have no clue what it does .. is it a new coin? will we earn steem and tron?? I would appreciate it if you could educate me just a little bit about this change.. thanks!

I am new to tron and i cannot see any tron in my wallet. Can anyone guide. Thanks

Same. No TRX

Do you know any exchange where I can sell my sbd.

I sold all mine on Bittrex.

Do you know exchange where I can sell my sbd. I tried bitrex but not working.

There's binance and poloniex. I just use bittrex though. Has worked fine for me. Another thing you can do is just use the internal market at and exchange it for STEEM. There 0 fee exchange rate in the market, so you can exchange as often as you want. Once you have STEEM, you can power up or try exchanging STEEM at bittrex.

Again, bittrex is what I mainly use and has worked fine for me. What's the problem that you are having?

Thanks for sharing info on exchanges. Deposit address generation fails in bittrex. Will try exchanging sbd for steem and use binance.