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RE: Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

in #steemit4 years ago

Another wow one here. Its true we really need to love ourselves first and posts, to really knw what others think. All these back to back teachings from @steemsecrets are amazing. Thanks to @sissyjill for this one. You are loved


@oredebby, @steemsecrets is for world of adjustment and it is my privilage to speak the words of @surpassinggoogle

@surpassinggoogle is just a blessing to us. I wish he was at the Ibadan Steem meet-up yesterday. It was an awesome experience. M making my post very soon

Oh my gush @oredebby, I also wish to meet @surpassinggoogle in the days to come with my costeemians here in Cebu. I will visit your account soon.

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