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RE: I Support Forking Out Steemit

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It will not work because Steemit Inc has started transferring Steem to exchanges. Besides, if you fork out Steemit's stake, the next largest account is freedom. Who controls that account? This fork would benefit freedom because it will control the witnesses. It already does.

Besides, what about all those closely associated circles and early adopter accounts who benefited from upvotes and delegations?

This centralization of power in the hands of the few is on every blockchain, I'm afraid. That's one of the benefits of being an early adopter or a creator.


The top 20 witnesses have too much power. This need to be changed.
Also, the voting rules need to be changed. If you have 1 million SP and vote for 30 witnesses, the 30 witnesses should share your 1 million SP, for example each witnesses can get 1million/30, not like it's doing now: every witness gets 1 million.

The top 20 witnesses will never approve this change.

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Yes, I agree. And this is the reason why Steem has no future

Oh yes it has future. The fact that you are here commenting proves this.

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Freedom is a steemit account too. Interesting thing i heard, you cannot be a top 20 witness without freedom's vote, in essence they can kill any witness they want.
It gets worse the more you know on here

It seems that this is the system they created and community isn't able and will not be able to change it at all. If his is the case, it's better to think and do something more productive on this platform.

Or move on to one that has a future.

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Which platform seems more hopeful to you than Steem?

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It's a good question, I'm going to do some research and do a post.

For art and interface usability creary is only in beta but already looks better on their test net:

However I don't know anything about their distribution, so it could be just as bad as steem as far as that goes.

In that sense I don't really have a problem if the leadership is focused on a particular product... Then at least it is run like a business. Steem just has this giant fucking leech on top of it's head.

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Thanks for letting me know about creary...

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Your welcome. If I find more I'll try to remember to tell you. I'll definitely post on my account

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Fair enough...

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