Ofcourse it is steem.

Sorry it took me a while to reply... I have been on a trip and it's harder to keep up with Steemit.


I understand my dear friend.

Great work... I threw in a low traffic resteem! Safe travels!


I will be gone for at least 4 days and will have some difficulty in keeping up with comments. Please don't take this personally! ☺

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This is mind boggling. We need people to see this and realize the future of blockchain will need this kind of power.

Thank you @dkid14. I feel as though I should have started these quite some time ago but I didn't have the clarity or understanding at the time... It's my goal to make a few of these a week if at all possible!

Happy holidays enjoy

oh...please get enough sleep.... less sleep can cause depression.
I don't wont you to be down :(
Things happen for good reason, so please do not think too much and stay positive :)

Thank you so much for your concern... And I have been getting more sleep lately, now I need to get my tiny little brains to concentrate on work again! 🐢🐬🐶

attribution is not needed!

...but WHY??

Why don't you put your signature on these just like you do on all your other images? How are people supposed to know which artist this came from? You know how much time and effort it will cost them to google you?? That's not very kind of you to waste people's time like that... ;)

It's the way I would have wanted it to be... ☺

OK rest in peace for the next 4 days ;)

I just didn't want to seem overly self-aggrandizing... Especially since this is a community project as opposed to just a silly animation or drawing...

Hopefully I can just make a name for myself by being mentioned in Twitter comments as the person who made these... I want any attribution to be absolutely voluntary.

Thank you for respecting my wishes and flagging a bunch of spammers

I will be sure to resteem this in the morning after I get some sleep! This is awesome and not surprising at all. I personally don't think it's a coincidence either that DataWallet's first big partner is going to be Steemit. If there were ever an indicator for future success that's a great one.

There are a lot of heavy hitters supporting this coalition and I imagine they all know a thing or two about good investments! I am so excited every time I see Steem's future potential grow! It's so awesome to be a part of something in its infancy like this! Amazing!

Thanks @bethwheatcraft! Your enthusiasm is encouraging -- I did not know about DataWallet, I will have to check that out when I return from my trip.

I'm also relieved and hyped-up regarding steem's recent price jump and the excitement of high SBD prices. 😄

If you like this gif and what I'm doing, PLEASE go flag a few spammers in my absence. It's the way I would have wanted it to be... ☺

hAhahhahaHahahHahahHaha!!! I will Reeesteeam3d dis it is 4.22AM UTC-7 ... I have no idea about the traffic.

Wareva... Have a nice trip, I hope you enjoy the madnessless daysless spamlesseses ratspantzless. Be carefull with typhosnakes xD


Hopefully you have flagged 600,000 spammers by now... No problem about the snakes, it is extremely cold and snakes just wouldn't want to be around right now... They would burrow in the ground and hide from Winter for another 4 months.

I should be back to my usual place in one and a half days!

I don't have the spammers visiting my blog so often or maybe I can't spot them that easy so I haven't flagged u.u
Btw here seems like summer!!! Have you taken all the winter?

Don't sweat your absence, OKC!
You are OK with ME!

I'd like to know who is your "apprentice" however, I have been helping with JakeyBrown and EagleSpirit a bit, we all follow each other and it's a lot of fun! SpiritualMax is my guy, and he gets lots of comments and follows... Good Guy!

Still on the trip for another day and a half. This tiny keyboard is driving me nuts and voice to text isn't always that accurate. 😄

I have been assisting with @hanen !!

Hope to respond in greater detail later.

Cool I will add @hanen :D

this is great, great post man. I am back by the way.

Dawg you are killing it with these gifs! I low key need to learn how to make em because it seems to be a gold mine right now haha

Hope you have a safe trip overkill!

Thanks, I did kind of struggle through these ones for a few different reasons... The first graphic had so much data in it that I had to wrestle with a solution in presenting it. The second one had compression issues which made some of the elements look extra pixelated and awful. Had to render out each frame as a JPEG and reassemble into Photoshop then export as a gif.

Do you realize I will be back tomorrow afternoon? So it feels like it's been a pretty short trip.

Actually I take that back haha I barley understood your explanation, so I’ll leave the gif niche to you 😂

And what?! It feels like you’ve been gone for weeks haha idk how your managing to catch up on all of your comments on your phone! I would be dead!

At least you'll rest those four days, right? When you have time to read me, I could indicate how I do to know all this data on the blockchain of Steem compared to other blockchain.

@yanes94 the visit is a short one and quite hectic during the day as I make the most of my time visiting family. However you are correct I am getting plenty of rest at night which seems to be unusual. When I have a computer in front of me I can't seem to stop creating. 😄

Steem has an incredible blockchain in my strong opinion 😄

Well, at least you spent quality time with the family, I'm glad you're back.

For my what I'm not an expert, Steem and Steemit is the best ;)

I got about 5g's worth of Eth locked up in a wallet that i cant move. This corporate money is really hindereing my returns.

They need that lightning implementation done quick. This is fast money were talking about right now

I know what you mean about slow ethereum, I had a terrible time with parity wallet it was the worst!

Have a safe flight, bro! Hope your trip goes well and that you get back to being active on here asap :)

Thanx @deadspace! Well we at least know that the first flights were safe... Hopefully the second one's will be just as safe! It seems they love to sit me on the back of the plane, maybe they think that I deserve it. Then again the back of the plane is supposed to be the safest zone if it crashes.

Looking forward to being back to normal. Posting from a mobile device is always a challenge.

cool graphic, Steemit has a lot of room to grow into a behemoth... lets hope for the best

I'm optimistic that even with competitors or unforeseen occurrences that steem will succeed! Thanks for your comment.

Gonna miss ya funny stuff!!

Thank you! I've been doing some tweets and some basic posts but I also am looking forward to creating again instead of just uploading travel pictures!


Be back home in maybe 12 - 14 hours

Well now I am really curious to know when is the high traffic hour?

My guess is the peak times for steemit would be from 12 p.m. New York time to 6 p.m. New York time. But it's very hard for me to ascertain the exact hour of the highest traffic. 😄

Have a safe trip,

The Steem block chain and its creation will be remembered just like the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

They may still need some restoration and looking after, but will stand the test of time.

It was the planning of the original build that has ensured its success and longevity for all.

I think you are one of the best as far as finding appropriate images for your comments... It looks like this is from part of a video game.

I think that everyone's confidence has been boosted lately - looking forward to great things.

To infinity and beyond my friend!

This is a major reason I think the Steem blockchain is severely undervalued.

So true, I am starting to take upon myself the responsibility of communicating that to the world 😄

God Bless you and Keep you @overkillcoin for your donation. It will help me a lot for my needs. I just dropped by to show my appreciation.
STEEm Blockchain BTW

Outstanding enjoyable moment ..Get a holiday you mind so clam and quite so it's the great on ...Carry on your activity

Thanks for sharing your valuable content .
Best of luck

I seriously have no idea. I will follow up as more knowledgeabke persons contribute.
Safe journey ahead.

wow! didn't knew steem is that powerful! heavier traffic yet the capacity looks like nothing happened. i 've made the right choice staying in here. :)

Yes, apart from the social media aspect, it's also a great way to send transfers!!!

Is that really its current level? I feel like the site and voting really started to struggle when we where at the $10 level for SBD and close to it with steem

Of course, there's a difference between and the steem blockchain, maybe the site itself was sluggish? I got the stats from

Maybe try next times?

This is amazing
1355814 transaction in one days

Best wishes dear
Have a safe journey

have a complete leader spirit bro👍

For bitcoins to gain in popularity and move mainstream, the network will need to be able to handle a great deal of traffic. The gambling sites just require this problem to be addressed earlier than it otherwise would have been.”

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend

That's awesome! I wish steemit had all that extra capacity lol but it's still one of the very best website on the internet. :)