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RE: Steemit/dTube EXCLUSIVE: Witness @aggroed talks SBD, reward pool drama, much more

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That idea of upvote+downvote+reputation_flag instead of the upvote+flag we currently have is brilliant. It could really help the community to differentiate the judgment it has on rewards vs on content. I really hope this proposal will be heard. It would be be such a step forward.


I thought that was definitely an interesting idea

Sad thing is, I already thought there was the ability to just downvote. I'm glad to have that clarified in the video. And I agree with you @pacosteem, it would be a step forward if we could actually do what I understand a downvote is designed to do (correct the perceived worth of a post) rather than flagging someone and potentially ruining their reputation rank. Seems like a no-brainer.