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Get Paid For Your Content..... or not.

This post is a continuation of a series started by @weetreebonsai and continued by @daddykirbs. It is geared towards those arriving on steemit from YouTube, but will contain valuable information for others as well.

So, you heard that you can GET PAID here on steemit, right? Money does have a certain nice sound to it, doesn't it? I know that it probably sounds insane and like some sort scheme or scam or something, but soon enough you'll otherwise.

As I mentioned in the previous post, "getting paid" is a possibility, not a guarantee. Like many of us who've already joined the steemit community before you showed up, you think that getting paid sounds like a good possibility, and you're wondering how exactly it works.


Here in the steemit community there are basically three "kinds" of steemians. What kind of steemian one is is mostly based on Steem Power, which is the financial influence within our community. Have you ever wondered why some posts will a lot of upvotes do not earn very much and yet other posts with far fewer upvotes may be worth a lot more? Have you ever heard terms like Minnow, Dolphin, or Whale.

Basically, newer users start out as a minnow. They have very little Steem Power and their upvotes are not worth anything. As they post, comment, and interact, they begin to earn a bit on their posts and comments. Their reputation begins to rise upward from a 25 and they begin to have some Steem Power and SBD or STEEM in their wallets. Soon, they may be able to add a few cents to someone else's posts.

After a lot of hard work, they may eventually work their way to the point that they have tens of thousands of Steem Power. At this point they can potentially add a few dollars or more with each upvote. Usually these types of steemians are referred to as Dolphins. They are not longer Minnows, but they are certainly not Whales either.

Whales are the ones with A LOT of Steem Power. Depending on the value of STEEM, a full power upvote from a whale could even add hundreds of dollars to a single post. In the end, the goal of users who really want to earn a lot on steemit is to catch the attention of the Whales.

To get to the point of becoming a Dolphin or Whale just by posting and commenting may take a very long time, which is why many people have chosen to invest in steemit and power up the STEEM that they purchase. If you were willing to invest enough, you could become a whale overnight.


If you've ever seen one of my posts, you have probably noticed this quote:

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

I came up with slogan a while back, and I think that it rings true. A lot of people spend a lot of time online. Others waste their time online. However, here on steemit, we can invest our time, because every comment, post, and even upvote can potentially give us something in return. When I can simply comment on someone else's post and possibly earn a few bucks for doing so, I call that an investment. Not every comment or post will give me a return on that investment, but some do!

Did you notice how I mentioned that "not every post will get me a return?" This is especially true for newer users. You may try making a few posts and never earn more than a few cents. There are two ways of looking at this.

The first way is that your material is "worth" more than that and it is obviously not worth your time to post on steemit. Many have chosen to conclude as such, and many have left steemit because of it. The other option is to realize that you are new, and have very few people who are even aware of you, much less consistently supporting you.

Often I tell people point blank, "Without good content you will not get noticed, but, until you get noticed you will use up a lot of good content." You may have to invest in your account by sharing a lot of "good material" that never gets a "good payout." If you cut back on the quality of the content because you are not getting the payouts that you desire, it may make it even harder for you to get good support and decent payouts.

Ultimately, it comes down to your mindset about whether you want to choose to view your posting on steemit as an investment in the possibility of getting paid or as a waste of your time.


Most of us have at least done something that could be considered as "creating content" previously in our life. For those coming to steemit from YouTube, it will most likely be video creation. For others it may be artwork, taking photos, writing short stories or poems, or even having your own online blog.

The point of steemit is not to repost the entire internet and document it on the blockchain. However, there is no reason why authors and content creators cannot also share their previous work here. If you have a video that you shared on YouTube a few years back and want to make a post out of it here, you are certainly free to do so. I would recommend adding at least a few sentences about it as well, to help us know what the video is of.

While it is less likely to happen with linked videos, there are some anti-plagiarism bots that help "keep steemit clean." Anyone who has ever tried to repost a post from a their own blog may have already round this out. Shortly after making their post on steemit with content already shared elsewhere online, they get an automated message sharing a link to the original source and notifying the readers of it. This is why I always recommend that steemians make sure to notify their readers if the content has ever been shared elsewhere online.

Here is a video I made a while back where I share about why YouTube content creators should also use steemit as a chance to potentially monetize their videos in another way.

Not only are you free to share content that you have previously created, I actually recommend it. However, there are a few things to consider when doing so.


I believe that it is important for steemians to capture the attention of their audience. This is where a concept that I call "supply and demand" comes into play.

I once saw a user come over from YouTube and immediately they began sharing all sorts of their YouTube content. They were making posts every few minutes and making a few cents here and there for their posts. Ultimately, they were "flooding the market" with their content. It was overwhelming to even see, and no one would reasonably have the time to even check all of their videos out. The supply was incredibly large and there was no demand. Soon, they got frustrated and left steemit.

As a newer user, one thing to consider is daily posting. If you post at least once a day then anyone who begins to take an interest in your content can stop in every day to see what you are up to. If you do not post every day, no one will take a daily interest in you.

Additionally, if you are posting at least once a day, this gives other active users a daily chance to encounter your content and take an interest in you. If you have been creating content for a while already, then you may be ahead of the game and have a stockpile of potential content to share.

I'll be sharing a lot more of my advice tomorrow, and then handing this series off to @mericanhomestead. Hopefully this has provided some good insight into sharing in our community.


This series has a lot of great information presented by a few Steemit users that have learned a few things. Follow along, vote and become a GREAT STEEMIAN!

So welcome to steemit, read, respond and be real.

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Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

Awesome quote & article @papa-pepper! 👍😎

All new users can use this valuable information. It's really cool to be a part of a community that is blazing this trail here on Steemit. I look forward to seeing what @mericanhomestead brings to the table. Nice work!

Me too (me four), and I hope that what I share tomorrow can be a blessing too!

I have no doubts about what you will bring to the table, you are rocking it!

Well written, a nice lay out to understand and know what to do especially if you are new with Steemit. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for checking it out!

You're welcome... and I love your original posts and that's what is attracting me here. :)

Shared across the board, you are rocking this!
I enjoy knowing I am a part of community building here...
We are the community each and every time we post or reply.

One of the things I find the most challenging about the process of patiently growing a Steemit investment is the daily posting. Clearly I haven't achieved even close to this level of proficiency yet, but to me that's where the rubber really hits the road for a lot of Steemians. I enjoy other peoples' daily posts and it's pretty clear that the steady building of good content is what really sets a successful Steemian apart.

I am trying for once a week, just got way to much of real life taking up the time, unless I give up sleep...

I think if I could get myself reliably doing once or twice-weekly posts, that would be getting into a habit that I could build on. So far it seems like every time I turn around the time has just flown by and it's way later than I thought it was!

Hmmm wonder if you can preset it to load at a certain time? I know you can pre load and release on YT.

Somehow I started cranking out about 4 per day early on and got in that habit that now is hard to stop... I just suggest that people do what they can.

Consistent I think is the key.

This is a good post to share to all my friends I have been trying to get over here!

Yes pepper! You speak the truth bro! I came to steemit a couple months ago from youtube, i had a song on youtube called "Kickin' off tha Night" it's a least a year old, but my friend and i just shot a music video for it the other day...i posted it today and so far payout is over 6 bucks! "Don’t waste your time online, invest it with" is such a good slogan bro! If you wanna watch the music video here's the link-
Enjoy it and One love!

The point about plagiarism is well balanced. You're right that it would be foolish to try to copy the entire internet onto the Steemit blockchain.

That said, I do know the joys of taking old posts from my blog and giving them new life on Steemit.

I am glad that you agree, and your point is solid.

I do know the joys of taking old posts from my blog and giving them new life on Steemit.

@papa-pepper valuable information! Thanks for sharing, personally I consider that steemit is a more informative platform than for gain because of it the contents have to be unique and of quality ...
regards. STEEM ON !.

All it takes is a struggle. I do not think there is time wasted in steemit. We just need a little time to climb a little higher. I often read your writing at the end of each of your post @papa-pepper. do not waste your time and let's invest in steemit. I have done all I can. I also want to give a little appreciation to serious comrades in making a post in steemit. Thank you so much because I always take lessons from you @papa-pepper.

LOL I don't even to edit videos together to make a video to post.

I'm learning!

I really benefited. Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you for checking it out

Whoa, I have learnt from your post and I definitely will do the right thing. Thanks

Glad to hear it!

this is really good friend,
friends always promote steemit users by always making a contest,
I am proud dengga pal, success always for you @papa-pepper, I am very happy to be your friend.

yes i can do it.

I met you thanks a resteem from someone else and I do not regret it. Your posts make me laugh every time and in the process, you give these wonderful guides. Unfortunately I do not comment much and I see that it is a mistake. Thanks for this guide, its really helpful. XOXO.

Aha, now I can see you here because of the comment!

oh i so miss i like button without touching my upvote button, when i appreciate an answer

This is very helpful especially for new beginners like us and those still struggling to make it on steemit.Commenting and engaging with people l have seen it more takes a lot of hardwork to become a whale but l'm glad for your post that will really help a lot to focus and steem harder.We definitely need more videos like this @papa-pepper thank you

Just wait for tomorrow.

I will and l won't loose hope

A very well written information for the new comers, and a reminder for the not-so new... steemit success does not come overnight - it takes time, a lot of effort, engagement and ingenuity, not to mention patience.

Thanks as always, @papa-pepper!

Thank you very much!

it does not matter but a few weeks ago someone did a contest, asking just answer the question, do you think you are a minnow, nearly all contest ens said yes, the answer was wrong, she pointed out to the color of the fish in our aquarium on i do not know witch helpful steemsite it was, one you can see your progression. From than i feel better :-) cause all them minnows were doing so much better as I.

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interest in your content. your videos are good

Let me post your post very well and post it better

You're really helping me a lot! Thanks man!


Thank you. Upvoted and re-steemed. I came on to Steemit for exactly that, 'investment' reason. Still learning, as are we all. This post was so helpful and will be to others I'm certain. I have sent the link to those I'm trying to entice 'over' from my mailing list. ;)

post a sangad baguss and memorable success always hopefully always in the protection of the Lord aminn .. @papa-pepper

Nice information, you describe it in simple way, very useful for new steemians, i resteem it