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These are some very exciting times on steemit right now!

You can choose how you will proceed, but I, for one, and investing in steemit!

Many things have been happening rather quickly here lately, and I am super excited. Here are four reasons why!


I realize that there was certainly room for improvement in the recent experiment. However, it has proven to be successful so far. Since I joined last July, I have continued to grow in Steem Power while the value of STEEM has continued to decrease. Therefore, I have never been able to have my solo vote be worth more than a cent... ever. That is until this experiment began.

First, my solo vote became worth 2 cents. Then, today, it was worth 4 cents!

A little later, my solo vote was worth 5 sents! That is five times more than it was ever worth. Often, I have a lot of STEEM of hand, sometimes even over 10,000. I've never powered any up though because it wouldn't really matter. Now, it matters!


I know that a lot of users power up STEEM often. Since it never would have made a difference before, I never bothered. Today, though, I made a choice. You guys know that I have given away a lot of STEEM and SBD in my time here, so today I decided to give the gift of bigger @papa-pepper upvotes and I powered up 5000 STEEM!

This is quite a big amount. In fact, earlier I was the 56th highest steemian as far as the STEEM available in the wallet goes.

After I bought some more STEEM, I would have actually been the 54th highest STEEM-holder, with 12091.908 liquid STEEM.

Since I chose to power up 5000 STEEM though, I have now reached more that 30,000 Steem Power!!!


A lot of STEEM has passed through my hands on steemit and a lot has wound up in my wallet too. But, in all my time on steemit, I have never actually purchased any... until today!

I still had just over 35 SBD sitting in my wallet, so I thought that it was about time that I bought some of my own steem.'

I picked up over 370 STEEM for my SBD, and I am very pleased with my purchase!!! At the time I bought it, just prior to my 5000 STEEM Power Up, I had over 12,000 STEEM in my wallet. Now that's a lot of STEEM.

I realize that my 35 SBD purchase of STEEM is nothing major, but it was my first, and it's all that I had laying around. I did just meet a steemian who recently spent 10 BTC on STEEM though, @htooms... which, is @smooth backwards... interestingly enough. Here is a quote from @htooms on the purchase.

I bought 10btc worth yesterday - got some at the bottom of the dip.

But I didn't make money on the rise - I powered it all up! Go Steem!


When you do not choose the post payout option of "Power Up 100%" and you don't "Decline Payout," you'll get paid half in Steem Power and half in SBD/STEEM with the "Default (50% / 50%) selection. Right now STEEM is below 10 cents and there is no SBD being paid out, so... that's a lot of STEEM and Steem Power.

Recently I got a payout that put the equivalent of $17.85 in my pocket. That default option payout turned into over 110 Steem Power and over 110 STEEM in my wallet! If the price of STEEM returns to $1 some day, I will have made over $200 off that post!

This is why I love posting at times like this. The STEEM payouts are high and it's a great chance to get a lot of Steem Power, which is actually starting to matter due to the current experiment.


The experiment has been emotionally hard on many, but it is starting to show preferred results. @dan has left, but

steemit > @dan

I mean no disrespect there, but I desire to point out that if the absence of one individual can negate the entire community, then we have no community. There is much more to steemit these days than @dan, and @ned and others can handle what's ahead!




Way to go! It's great to see another positive "vote" for the future of Steemit... helps us "wee minnows" feel better about having come here to set up shop. I ended up powering up with my humble rewards at the end of February... and plan to continue doing so. Steem on!

Thanks for the comment. Let's grow this thing!

Perhaps you are wiser than me then! Thanks!

I wish, @papa-pepper
Missed Google's IPO: thought, at the time, that the offer price was too high.
You are a smart investor, sir: investing in your family & people.

Lol, perhaps this will make up for it!!!

Great news! Congrats. I am happy to see people are more positive again.

Gotta stay positive around here! Thanks!

After careful consideration and your encouragement at my humble home, I decided to "stick around" as well and posted my first "honest" article here.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and more! I LOVED THIS PIECE!

Yes, please stick around. I'll check that post.

Fantastic post.
I just made it to 1000 power, and my introduce me got me 6 bucks. It really felt good.
I too have faith in Steemit and plan on investing as much as I can.
Steem on, man!

Everyone seems to be powering up today. Even I powered up today though it was a small amount!

Everybody now - Do The POWER UP!

Your enthusiasm is beginning to rub off on me! A little more and I am going to post back again as usual.

I'm planning on doing your song too!

Okay, I'll watch out for it

Awesome post! And congratulations on your first buy! Exciting times for Steemit!

Good for you papa p! I also made a small investment, about 1500 steem in the past week, bringing me over 8000sp, and in the next couple of weeks I intend to take it over 10,000, officially making myself a baby dolphin ;)
I believe in steemit, and as long as there are people like us with faith, it will succeed!

Keep going and keep growing!

I used to keep about 3000 there, but stopped a bit ago.


Your pocket change is my entire stake, lol

Oh i just powered up for my first time today as well.
Lots of first timers "first bump!"




Well done :) STEEM will be at 1$ soon :)

It very easily could be.

Great MINDS think a like! I just POWERED up my STEEM also and will be buying every month from here on out!

My link here.

FULL-Power Pepper!


I'm right there with you @papa-pepper !
Never cashed any out, power ups only 😉
Just checked my upvote strength on your post and at 100% (because you're worth it!) clocked an 18 cent uptick on your post! BOOM!
The passion we all have for both Steemit and our community, along with the genius technology backing our enthusiasm, ensures the future success of Steemit!
We can DO this people!

Now my solo vote is up to 6 cents!!! 30,000 SP thanks to the 5000 STEEM Power Up!


I don't know how but according this mine is also ? although yours on that is $1 ? So confused lol...

I'm less than 66% voting power... been having fun and depleting it in the process....

WOW! Give me a kiss before the exp expires!! :)

I powered up and invested 8000 steem 72h ago! And Dan couldnt scare me out so I´m happy today +54% compared 2 bitcoin in last 24h. thats a good run i really didnt expect. honestly i expected a sharp dropdown while dan powers down steem worth 400K USD.

An excellent reward for your investment!!!

54th! Nice achievement!

Yeah, I almost broke the top 50... and then powered up almost half of it!


Hear hear!

Pretty impressive indeed!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Its posts like this that is helping us newer folk understand better what is going on.

Steemit is still changing and growing, but I think that we are headed in the right direction! Thanks!

I agree with your thoughts on this @papa-pepper that there is much more to steemit. Great post. Thank you.

You're welcome.

There is a lot more to steemit!

Love it - keep the positive momentum and raise to a Storm of Steem

A storm of steem... love it! Thanks man!

That's what i was doing yesterday but unable to due to not having the active authority you know how to get it please??

I'm not sure.. perhaps someone can help.

That's what Ive been looking for too :) thank you.

you can use your master password. once logged in with that you can see and change all keys

Hi..i have tried this :)

I love this story of a day of firsts. You rock Mr. Pepper! Like you, I have been thrilled to see the power of my votes increasing as well as my curation rewards. It has made me excited for the future of Steemit again, and optimistic that over the long haul things will be OK. I'm sorry some people got hurt and confused by the downvotes due to the ongoing whale "experiment", but overall I consider it a success and it has certainly been beneficial to us little guys.

Keep on Steeming on!

Nice attitude! Keep it up!

I've been powering up since I could remember. Even slowed down a bit but I guess i'm fully back to powering up. To the moon!

Feels really great to see our votes worth something, it's very exciting and motivating for posting and commenting! :)

Steem on!!

Hurray!! We should make a toast to that!! ;)

this another post inspiring me to buy and power it up

Sort of feels like the tide has turned, Steem has doubled in the last 24 hours!

Yeah, let's see if it makes it to the moon this time!

It's through thoughtful analysis and presentation of ideas that we can continue to make improvements to this platform. Good job!

I was spewing (Australianism?) about Dan leaving but I have fully powered up now too after reading this. Hope the dev team have what it takes to reap the rewards from this community!

Way to go! Let's move past that to bigger and better things.

Your post is wise and informative! Thanks @papa-pepper!

Interesting information!

Interesting information!

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