FREE STEEM Training and FREE STEEM Power Delegation and Learners Showcase #17

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Earn 50 SP in Delegation for 4 weeks by learning more about STEEM.  

Are you finding it hard to get your head around STEEM?   It took me a long time to understand how STEEM worked.  With SBD, STEEM, Voting Mana, Resource Credits, there is just so much to take in for a newbie.  That, coupled with the RC problem new accounts have, I thought it would be beneficial to give free delegation to new accounts that have the hunger and want to learn more about STEEM.  

Then I thought some more.  I see many people taking the course that are not new steemains and have accumulated some steem.  Why exclude these from the free delegation if they complete the course?  Therefore this course and free delegation is open to all steem users.

Rules for Entry for Free Delegation

• You must complete this course (which is FREE)

• When you complete the course, you must share your certificate of completion in the comments of this post

What You Will Learn

This course is a non scammy, non get rich quick, factual resource to fast track what you need to understand about the financial workings of STEEM.  With this course you can learn in an hour what took me months to understand.

On complete this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

- STEEM and its role in the blockchain.

- SBD and its role in the blockchain

- STEEM Power and its role in the blockchain

- Voting mana and its role in the blockchain

- Resource Credits and their role in the blockchain

In addition to this you will learn how to use tools like the internal exchange, resource credit checkers, voting mana simulators and much more.

What You Will Get

50 SP Delegation for 4 weeks

This will get you 100 G in RC’s.  The current cost of a comment is 1.6G, a vote. 0.15G and a transfer 0.83G.  If you are creating comments with images or long form comments, they will cost you a little more.

At these levels 50 SP in delegation will give you around 10 comments a day, or 100 votes a day or 18 transfers.  

Meet Last weeks Delegates

I was hoping this section of the post would be a little curation of posts from those that have taken the course and received delegation. Today I gave out 3 new delegations to @momoriso, @ajks and @mastersa.  Next week I will feature their profiles and hopefully a fantastic post by each of them so you can show some support.

Today  I have 3 accounts that recieved delegation last week that have not yet been featured.

@angelro joined steem in Sept 17.  This week @angelro handed out 93 votes to 53 accounts and published 13 posts.  A fan of travel and photography I would recommend you take a look at this post 

@victoria7 joined steem in Nov 18 and this week gave out 201 votes to 165 accounts.  Unfortunately there are no active posts this week, let hope we see some publishing activity from @victoria7 in the next week or so

@zirochka joined steem in July 17 and this week gave out 178 votes to 61 accounts and published 12 posts.  I hope you will show @zirochka some support and visit this post they published during the week 

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Dear @paulag ;
Thanks for the time you spent for this nice course, I really enjoyed it. So here is my accomplishment results! :)
One thing that I'm sure about, after my short journey on platform, is that people on Steemit who are trying to help community grow, are those who I would respect in real life on any other activity. ♥
Certificate Link


Thank you for such a lovely comment, I have just sent you on 50sp delegation for 4 week, enjoy :-)

Hi, Paula.

He is my certificate. Actually these lessons have taught me about Steem in depth. I highly recommend it. I think this is a "must" to learn about Steem if you are new, as it clarifies many questions.

Many Thanks!!


@paulag done and dusted.. Thank you for the great information on the course.

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fantastic work, I am glad that you learned from the course as I do hope it helps people. There is so much going on under the hood. I have sent you on 50sp in delegation for 4 weeks, enjoy


Appreciate your work on this... also, thank you for your help and assistance.

Here is my Certificate of Completion

Udemy Completion.jpg
Thank You


Paula, this is great... I think as a community as a whole (and those of us that have been around for a few years) we should all help out with this type of effort. The more people we get understanding Steem the better. I'll sponsor the next two and offer to personally mentor them along their way. Imagine if we all helped two minnows.

wow thank you so much for this generous offer. let's see who completes the course this week and we can put you in touch with them for some mentoring. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

That looks really inspiring. Newbies are looking for the people like you who are selflessly coming forward to provide help to the needy..

You can put my name too in the list of people when you start mentoring.

Oh I didn't see that till now, nice. i was getting a little disappointed in the response to a post I put out this week re steemit inc falling behind in account creations. I got the impression no one cared.

Those guys will shoot down a problem before you know you have one. Brilliant :)

Thank you so much for the great efforts you people are doing to help those are penniless ..hehehe.. In this world where everyone is getting selfish day by day your initiative is something to be appreciated. So a shout out from the bottom of the heart.

I think the number of votes I had given in the last week is relatively less. Is it so..From my earlier understanding I was maintaining a vote value of around 80%.

Any how thanks and looking forward to further assistance and help as and when required.

Have a great day...

Oh fam yeah I could take part but am not that new here. Been around since mid last year. Just that I lost access to my previous account @maxijgcomm.

Anyways, thank you for the recommendation. I appreciate.

OMG you have to get access to your old account, what a waste of steem. Have you tried the account recovery process?

Yup but was told that only those who commited their password with steem can recover it. I cant remember doing that.

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