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RE: My resignation from Steemit

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Sorry to hear that and I am happy for you to take stand instead of staying in the middle. But here's something more positive to think 🤔 about that you don't hear alot on Steemit these days :

What if the Tron acquisitin is a good thing (despites all the moral values). Think of it this way, whales eat whales. The original objective of Tron is to take over all (a bit like amazon). So in the long term, if the goal is maintained, steemit would be in the way of Tron. The fact that steemit is approached in the early stages of Tron's dream of total dominion, just shows that steemit has power and would be a great ally.

In the long run, only the giants will exist. For the development , I think Tron is great!! I got further in dapp that steemit, and that in a matter of days.

See this communication issue as a highier plan that you had no control over. Your long term reputation at steemit should not be trashed, but reinforced after thoses events. Hopefully those arguments will help and will be seen as constructive...even if there all only a bunch of 'what if'.


Are you endorsing centralized Amazon?

Ahah, nope, just pointing out how they took over

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