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RE: Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

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Curriculum vitae before now has been misinterpreted, leaving out vital details as this that sells us much more and better. Look at how many of the things listed here that just blow your minds out and broadens your horizon, that way, you keep thinking possibilities rather than think defeat. That way you add better value than deplete people's values. When one even confess this words, there is a tendency your life will align overtime as you become a better you.


Wow @phait.
This is a great comment.
Adding value to peoples lives should be our major aim. We should think of others.
And try to lift them. Rather than deplete their values.

Another secret revealed thanks @steemsecrets. Here on steemit you don't need CV or RESUME. You just need to introduce yourself to know you better. Here at steemit you are the boss.. you hold your time..

Thanks @athenabree08 for this awesome post. Done following.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for another secrets tips.

Yes its true, we have to be positive always, we may fall sometimes but we should strive hard to stand up and face it so that other people will follow and we all grow as a better community. Thanks for your comment @phait

We have more selling point in us but we need that will to push it forth. We need that strong mind to help us see beyond that written story on thr curriculum vitae

You are really inspiring @phait. Together we can break bondaries

Giving value to others is our main purpose of living. Touch the heart before asking the hands.
Putting value rather than taking value.

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