Invite your friends to Steem! now live

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During the last couple of weeks I've been on-and-off working on an invite service. The basic functionality is done, so I announce the beta open.


Thanks @orcheva for the logo!

On you can create invite links, which are either sent by email or displayed in the app for you to give them out in another way. After the recipient has chosen a username and a password, you will be able to create the account with delegation. No more waiting for steemit to activate new accounts!

The current cost for creating a new account is 0.2 STEEM and a delegation of 29 SP, which you can return to yourself anytime (after a waiting period, using Vessel). Because it's a financial transaction, this step requires your active key. Steemconnect didn't implement the required function yet, so you will be asked for the key directly in the process. As always, the transaction is signed in the browser, your key is not sent to a remote server.

Please report bugs here in this post. Feature or change requests welcome!


This is a much needed service thank you @pharesim! I don't know how many times I talked somebody into joining steemit when I had my laptop with me and after saying they would be put on a waiting list they said "oh I'll just do it at home then", and then didn't join.. This is a great way to use our Steem Power!

I'm curious though, does steemd mark me as the creator of the new account or is there a witness creating the accounts on our behalf? Also, I got as far as this page

Is the label the title of the email or the steemit account name? The person invited still gets to choose their own name right?

The label is just an identifier for yourself.
The account gets created by the creator ;) One of my next projects will have to be a management tool for that I guess.

You could just create a "tool" account to manage anonymous account creations.

For anon creations there's anonsteem - i meant a management tool for account recovery and recovery account settings.

I was going to ask the same question!

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

The mark is only an identifier for yourself.

The record gets made by the maker ;) One of my next ventures should be an administration device for that I presume.


I clicked on the link, but not sure much happened. It asked if I'd sign is as gardenlady, so I did just by clicking my name. Then, nothing more.

Haha, last minute bug in login. Ctrl-R to reload and empty the browser cache!

I see it working now ;-)
Thanks pharesim.

So, I tried it and as usual it doesn’t let me sign in to steemconnect with the message “ invalid username” hmmmm

That's strange. No @ in the beginning, yes?

Correct! No @ and my posting key?!


Ich habe kein @ geschrieben

good comment

Unfortunately I can't help there - did you try #steemconnect on

Nop! I will catch some sleep and try it again tomorrow

Hmm. I got logged in fine with steemconnect.. but My browser already had the info, because I have used steemconnect alot today

im new in steemit please halp me gardenlady


Thanks, fixed

Brilliant, thanks. I'm currently getting stuck at this point:

I've entered the private active key for 'demotruk'. Nothing happens when I press "create account". I've checked that I have 0.2 Steem and 29 SP available for delegation.

Thanks again, fixed too ;)

Unfortunately I'm still getting the same thing. Should I redo process from the start?

Try Ctrl-Shift-R to reload the page and clear the browser cache

That worked, brilliant!

I'm going to be using this quite a bit

hi @pharesim,

So i tried using steeminvite earlier today and in the process of creating an account, the username began with a number but at the point of signing in after registration process was complete, steemit says "username must begin with an alphabet" and effectively prevents me from signing in. I believe the username entered during account creation should be checked to enforce this rule and prevent loss of accounts/waste of time.

check if username begins with alphabet

Definitely, thanks for the notice.
I assume the account wasn't even created, will look into it.

Thank you for your service. How could User A register new User B without knowing new User B's master password?

The public key is generated in the new user's browser, only that is saved in the database to create the account with later

Hello @pharesim, I'm trying your tool right now but unfortunately it bugs at the last step and I don't understand where it comes from.

I have checked and inserted my "Active Key", but the username area remains grey and I can't insert the username myself. So I try to validate and get this error: account creation failed. maybe you delegate a too small amount, or the account already exists

However, the delegation is correct and the account does not exist...


On the dashboard everything seems OK... So if you have time to tell me where it's coming from, it would help me a lot.

Thank you for your time I hope it will be settled quickly and if I have to do a different action do not hesitate to tell me...

I cannot reproduce the issue right now...may take a while :/ mcfarhat reported below that the box gets filled when you uncheck the email button and use a link only, does that work for you too?

Got it, fixed :)

Yeaahhhh it's true it's fixed!! Thank you very much @pharesim !! Wow now we can see all the power of this tool is really incredibly effective!!

Sans titre (20).png

pitchoune — Steemit.png

planetenamek   Steem.png

I tested and I can say that it works so don't hesitate to use this tool; -)! Personally I am already on my way to recruit new Steemians! Thanks to @fabien for making me discover this tool!!

hey @pharesim,
Thanks for a great tool.

I gave it a try, and while the whole process worked fine for the email invite, it failed at the last step giving an error stating problem creating the user (at while attempting to create the account post approval). At the time of the popup at the last step, the username field was left empty. Even when i adjusted it via firebug and inserted the username, it failed again.
Also noteworthy is that the recipient got an email too that "One of your steem invitations was accepted", while this shouldn't go to the recipient, more to me, the initiator.

I finally was able to get the account running properly via avoiding the email invitation approach and using the direct one, which properly loaded the account name into the box, and created it successfully.
Just thought of running this by you for further troubleshooting. I was using Chrome throughout the whole process, in case you need that info:)

And thanks again!

Though issue, I wasn't able to reproduce yet. That may take a while...

Another milestone in steem. Thank you @pharesim. I shall check it out.

Hi pharesim, thanks for your great tool. I just have some questions.

  1. If I use you app to create an account for my friend, I will became his trustee, correct? How could he change to the other trustee?

  2. What's the 0.2 steem use for? To support your website?

Thanks for your great tool again!

1 - yes. I don't think there's a service for that yet
2 - it's all going to the newly created account

Thank you @pharesim for this much awaited service. New steemit account creation will be more easy now.

@pharesim, you always give appreciation to my writing, I can not repay your favor, may you success always.

When I sent a link to someone to sign up, I get a delegation?

No, you give the new user delegation of your own Steem Power

Ou, yeah I got confused at first. I got it now, thanks

I might try to get some of my freinds to join, but they are very skeptical of digital currencies.

@pharesim so with this method, there is no need for cellphone verification for the person who receives the invite? Thanks for this actions, that will definitely helpmstwem to skyrocket. @gold84

Great initiative! :D

Good news for us :)



Absolutely fantastic! This will be extremely impactful to the further adoption of Steemit! Thank you for your amazing contribution!

100% Upvoted and followed.

God Speed Brethren.

just wrote a little blog promoting your cool new service since it might go well together with the newly released @zappl service

hope that is ok and that you like it

@pharesim, I can not create a new account, I need technical assistance, it does not accept the active password

You need to use your own active key, not the one of the new account

When I try to get the active key, I do not accept the private key

Please, if you can delete the request to perform again

I do not understand what the problem is, sorry

-Please, sir @pharesim, delete the request to create a new account, that way I will make the request again
-Por favor señor @pharesim, elimine la solicitud de crear nueva cuenta, de esa manera haré nuevamente la solicitud


Very cool! The more the merrier! :D

Nice! This makes it much easier I think.. Hope i can get some friends to sign up ^^

Nice post thank you for

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Don’t we all love #GOODNEWS 😋🐬 these days! Super job!

Thanks... Since i am new here in steemit so this article will help me a lot....!!

Great job! Thank you :)

Please add me to your list so that i can learn from you people

Good job its very helpful.

thinks for the info will put it to the test

THis is simply awesome. Good work

Excellent work! No cut for yourself upon account creation 😲 even better in my book 📖 great community addition!

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This seems like a great service and should definitely help adoption. I can't wait to take a look at it. Thanks!

Finally! I'll try and invite some friends :)

Yay! I finally saw post from pharesim.

Now I can die in peace!

Hello @pharesim hi how are you now, before i want to introduce myself first, @ bilqis07 and i want to thank you for your help to vote me and also follow me

Love the little fish logo design, so cool! Amazing job @orcheva! ^^

Thank you @pharesim for thinking of issues that many are struggling with and creating solutions easy to use.

thanks!! followed

need to check that out thanks for the link

why steemit account take too much time to approve,some of my friends trying it for 1 week but they didnt get approved,can you tell me what is the problem?

Wish someone sent me an invite 3 days ago when I registered! Lmao

wow !
Great application my friend @pharesim !
I will check it out . Thanks for sharing .

What a brilliant services!

I’m a newbie, can someone confirm that it is save to share your active key in this case?

I can :P
Check my post history, it should help you to assess the risk.

I'll do that.

Not sure what'vessel' is?

A desktop wallet with all the functionality one could wish for

Support un spanish ?

Great tool to invite friends to this community. If there is no waiting period,then it will be really great.

This is a great idea and it seems like quite cheap (I don't count the delegation as cost, because you get that back whenever you want). Great idea!

Seems like an interesting service that simplifies getting more users on Steemit. I'll have to give it a try!

thanks for this my dear friend

Thank you for this post.

I did invite all my friend and work mate but only few stay active, other go back to facebook again and claimed their post dont earn a single dollar while some copy paste and a photo earn hundred dollar. I feel so sorry for myself to see them act like a child and go back to the biggest scam site in history.

Great content! But tag use

super post for ever

@pharesim thanks for your great effort on this web page and wanna ask translate my language Turkish on behalf of your name :) and share it and want to see everybody and join US ! warm wishes pharesim

Translations may be added later.

no no asking the post translete :D and of course web page translate later :D dude

well done i will inform you when i sent post and you source :D your links thanks

When i sent a link to someone to sign up in steemit,i got delegation...???

No, you delegate

Now that's useful. I see so many people complaining about the signup process. It would be nice if you (As in me) got a small reward for bringing on a new user. I like the idea of being a sponsor, that should, in theory, encourage people to care more about the quality of Steemit. I'll have a look later.

Thank you for your post, I am inviting a lot of friends.

This great, just tried the link to see and it worked but yet to create an invitation. I will surely try it soon.

Thanks for this information..


Sounds like an incredibly useful app, thanks for making it! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. It makes everything so much simpler.

Wow, will this really work?

Interesting job!

That's very cool update!
However I do not understand the part with the cost for account varification - how will I get SP back?
If anyone can explain me this I will be very greateful!

To call it back you need to use @jesta's Vessel (linked in the op)

Thanks for creating this tool to get more people into steemit. What logo will you put in the tab. I really like logo's in tabs because I find myself with a lot of tabs open at once.

Nice one!

Very useful but Whats wrong, it's strange

hi there - can you explain a bit more - do I have to pay to invite my pals to steemit ....sorry but newbie here and not quite sure how it works. I do know i love it here already and would love to get my journalist pals on here too

Thanks. What’s the difference of it to Is it another site when steemit is down? Thanks

There is a description of the service in the post...

thanks, but don't get it. does it mean that registration to steemit requests money? sorry if I am falling way behind. just would like to better understand before I can invite friends.

A new account needs Steem Power, which can also be delegated. For registrations on, Steemit Inc. pays that, and takes it back after a while.
Steeminvite enables users to do that themselves if they don't want to wait for the account to be activated.

I see. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense now. I will try to promote it to my friends. :)



Currently the way the STEEM blockchain is designed requires a fee to create new accounts. If you sign up via the fee is paid by steemit. Anyone who already has an account can create an account for someone else using the CLI Wallet or with steemconnect but you need to pay the fee.
This is another tool that enables steem users to create accounts for others.

Cool. Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it.

This week a lot of game changers are happening @phareism with Steeminvite, Zappl this just keeps getting better and better. Great idea my friend. I have been trying to get my wife on the site but she just never does it. This is exactly what snagged her back in the day, to go on facebook. You are a super ingenious person. I admire all that you do for the steem community. I just know now that when I send her an invite (as long as I am with her) and show her how to make her introductory post. She will be on this

like white on rice.
Keep up the amazing work my friend. Reteemed!

This makes it easier to invite friends

"Steeminvite" wow... sound is be good. Huge news..
Thanks @pharesim.
Followed & Resteemed

The friend invite function is going to be very powerful once the Smart Media Tokens are launched. You should perfect it. You should also follow closely the companies/projects that will launch SMT's and provide your service to them for Tokens

Is that safe for steemit account ? I want to know and if save then I will join this link .. Please help me

Very nice job @pharesim this will help tremendously.. Thank you for building this!

Very strange post i like it

Hello @pharesim
Fantastic idea of creating steemitinvite!
Reducing the waiting time to get onto Steemit will help retain interested people looking into adopting the Steemit platform.
I Will let you know if I come across any bugs.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much for this info......

what is the essence when people don't upvote them and the leave the following week?

Steemit is a cult!

Buen trabajo!! Y algo realmente necesario! What about making a pull request with a similar functionality in condenser?

Initially I hoped it would become a part of condenser, but stinc didn't like the idea so I built this.

I was not even hoping for something like this :D, PERFECT TIMEING !
Now we can finally invite our friends :)

Hey, Thanks for this Really needed Service as well as Post!!

This is really cool but I feel very nervous using any app the requires my active key. I just don't want to give it anyone.

It stays on your machine

I'm not sure if is the right time to bring new people on steemit at the moment.

You could bring them to busy...

Sure, but it's hard to explain even how steemit works. People will get confused.

I clicked on the link

Wow!That's pretty cool! I will use it to invite more friends to steemit) Thank u

Great! My friends now have easier way to join the Steemit family through this. Thank you!

It's a great idea ... thank you @pharesim

WELCOME ...Here is a complete guide to Steemit success that how can you grow your earnings and followers fastly

Great news! I personal had try doing it the old way but people seemed to want something easier and faster to create an account. This will be great for increasing numbers too! Best wishes always. :)@splendorhub logo.png

I will try to register two accounts first for new friends, this is very useful for newcomers,


I will try to register two accounts first for new friends, this is very useful for newcomers,


this is exciting! i've been wondering if there is an invite link of some kind. will be checking this out.

Featuring this post at the end of my latest post @pharesim and I hope i can reach my 3k followers with this tool! In the future ill offer some sort of competition where I can give SBD to winner who can invite the most people, we should have a game to see how many people we can signup to steemit.

We don't have an official referral program at steemit BUT when you sign people up they are likely to follow you and upvote you're posts so theres a god chance that if you signup enough people one will end up buying some steempower.

This is a much needed service thanks a lot @pharesim. It's look like a great tool.