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RE: Crypt0's VLOG: Steem Dollar = Best Hedge Option During Crypto Market Panic?

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Litecoin has proven to be a pretty solid hedge as well during this correction (assuming you don't want to go to Fiat)


Litecoin has been remarkably resilient. It went from $28 to $50+ and now hovers around $40 and change.

I know - it's great! I think a lot of BTC folks decided to hedge in LTC while the community sorts out the segwit debate.

I sank a lot of my portfolio into Litecoin too. I have a feeling that it's gonna pump well over $100 in the next 3 - 4 months.

Litecoin for life! Once Litecoin adds smart contracts (likely later this month) and once it implements the lightning network (likely between Sept-Nov of this year) it will starting getting a lot more attention, attention it rightfully deserves.

Prediction: With this Bitcoin will NOT hardfork and instead Bitcoin and Litecoin will work basically in tandem to become an almost unstoppable team (each with their own unique use cases).

Very good)

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