INTRODUCING STEEMIR- A new Development to how we post video on steem blockchain

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Innovation and invention will never stop, as long as the earth still exist. Every day man faces different kind of challenges, which sprout out solutions to different problems. As long as there are problems, the emergence of new solutions and finding easiest ways of doing things will never stop.
I came across a new development yesterday called Steemir. Another solution to the way will post and monetize your video on steem blockchain.


This browser extension let allows you to easily share your new and old YouTube videos on steemit to earn extra money by reaching out to new audience. It is an extension you can use to monetize your video on steemit. Any time you post any video to YouTube it will be automatically posted on steemit.


  1. Firstly, you will have to download Steemir Chrome Extension for you to start using it.
  2. Install the Extension on your Chrome browser
  3. Login to your steemit account
  4. Then Post your YouTube video on YouTube channel and Steemir will automatically post the new video on Steemit for you.
  5. There is no reason to fear, your account is secure, because your steemit id is kept in your browser, and only been used whenever you want to upload new video on youtube
    Steemir is free to use, you do not have to pay any dime before using the App. If you make nothing from your video, then you will pay nothing to steemir, steemir is only entitle to 25% of your video earnings to fund the app.
    You can know more by watching this tutorial and explainer video

More Features are coming up on steemir App. You can now download the App with this link download Steemir
Screenshot (29).png


Thanks for posting this, and for signing up! I just updated your Steemir bonus to the full 20%; you may have to click the "Check for bonuses" buttons on the settings for it to be applied.

Nice post you got there.

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Thanks, @polaleye50.
This is helpful even after 5 months.