Dear Princess very good morning, this is the fantastic idea to increase our posts visibility and it will help us in manifold way.
Dear Mam, the incarnation or debut of Princess is awesome and magnificent when video started and ends.
Good luck.

Oh you have a wonderful way with words! Is the incarnation my cat?? 😂

Thank you my friend! Glad you liked the post x

@princessmewmew how clever, nice for teaching us

pleasure! Hope you can use it in your posts too x

I am loving this series. So much useful information and there are so many people that will benefit from this. You have taken something that many people are desperately trying to figure out and made it so much easier for them. Great work on the video and solid instruction.

thanks so much my guy. I was really hoping I could do it as simply as possible. 🦄

Wow, you seriously are making some great helpful tutorials. I need to start looking at my posts differently and start implementing this stuff.

ah thank you! Knowledge is power and I want to share it! x

Well, that looks easy. Thanks for another great how to in Markdown.

Nice cat.

it is easy, once you know how! Just like driving or riding a bike 😉

glad you enjoyed

I have made a note to watch this tonight and see if I can add tables into some of my posts, thanks for putting this together

oh yay! let me know when you do! You can feature this post as one of your recommended readings 😉wink wink

@princessmewmew I will do and that reminds me I do need to try and fit in a recommended reading posts occasionally

hmmm I see you are learning Xhosa ;)

hehe, well caught Harriet 💜

Can refer to this video whenever there is a need to implement tables in post. Easy to understand and well presented.

thank you so much!

Oh! My! Gosh! This is soooo usefullll and I actually followed your link on your contest post to this post sot that actually for sure help with the engagement..? Hm! I gotta try making mine. Thanks for sharing this is soooo awesome!

THANK YOU!!!!! I was literally searching SO hard to find this info a few weeks ago...and you freaking did a tutorial on it!!! You're like an angel!! So excited to do this!!!!!!

Seriously you have no idea how badly I wanted to figure this out lol. I SORTA figured it out... but not really... it was prettttty crappy. yay

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