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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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This is really long...we are so used to the short funny ones mate!
Btw it's your money, it's your you can do whatever you wish i believe.
And you also upvote so many people who comments on your posts, which is great! I have even got a vote from you some days back on my post...not so many whales act like this.
I would say just forget about everyone and keep entertaining your readers man!


Thank you, but more important, do you actually like the short content and/or think it's good for the platform?

I find quick puns/memes a good laugh as you're browsing Steemit, it's good for short and sweet but average and longer posts are still necessary, so long as they are rewarded more than a few cents.

Problem here - you made those type of content every day. You knew that they could flag you and you have made new account. But also - 500 000 it's 500 000. Have you spent around 480 000$? (my rough estimation)

I think Dmania is for short content

I actually like short contents for sure, little to read and so much meaning. I do think we should accept both long and short content here, there must not be any restrictions. It's a free world and it should remain free to express in any way you want!

I laugh out loud at most of your short work, and multiple times during the longer pieces.

As suggested by others, vote weight and vote timing may appease some, but as you have stated, this reduces direct ROI.

As @demotruk has stated, indirect rewards that come through keeping newer users happy and spreading the word, could easily surpass this $$ strategy.

Delegate 10k SP to 10 keen curators who will prove to you they are supporting promising new content (categories/type advised by you), who will comment on these blogs plugging @traf and or @trafalgar), and watch your viewers rise followed by the price of Steem?